Source for "balloon" or rounded roofs for heavy weights

Discussion in 'Passenger Equipment' started by friscomike, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Mike, this is a huge thing for us! I know that I will be needing quite a few for the fleet of passenger cars that I have to modify to make them Frisco-ready. I just need to get a better inventory of what my needs will be.
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    Terry, How long is the Pullman Solarium/Observation car? Maybe I can rustle a roof for it, too. ~mike
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    I'm glad you HOers are finally getting some decent turtleback roofs for your kitbash projects. I've been through all that in N scale, although the roofs I got (To fit the Atlas-Rivarossi cars) were resin castings.
    Note that the SLSF AC&F factory roofs built in the 1926-30 period (Examples: baggage cars 425-439 and deluxe coaches 1203-1207-1208-1213) were different from the Frisco home-built roofs (Examples: 1060 class coaches and business cars) of the late 1930's and 1940's. The frisco home-built roofs had a "fatter" cross section as they were originally clerestory (or "monitor") roofs remodeled with curved fairings from the clerestory out ro the roofs edge.

    Tom G.
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    Does anyone have a builders drawing, or the set of drawing for each of these roofs y'all are desparately needing?
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    I'm going to try making the longer roof by taking a standard roof casting, and extending it to 83 by casting the extension onto the original. Don't know if it will stick, but it is worth a try. New casting resin arrived along with black dye, so I'll cast them as a dark grey instead of white. ~mike
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    Could you cast the main roof as a continuous piece and use the Walthers ends as patterns? You could cast them separately, cut the roof to the proper length and add the ends. That way it wouldn't matter how long the car is, you'd be covered.
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    Howdy Don,

    That is a good idea and a bit beyond our initial plans. I like the idea of making end castings though. Whose got Walther's ends that I could use for a pattern? Hmmm, I have some old Walthers brass side kits. I wonder what kind of roofs they have. I'll go dig them out.

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    Tom, this is really good information to know. I'd figured I'd try this method (based on an old MR article) to convert some Spectrum monitor roofs into a good enough version. Sounds like I'd be following prototype practice if I did this on the correct classes.

    However, I'll likely go the route of trying some pre-made castings if I want to enjoy the finished model in my lifetime.

    Best Regards,

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