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  1. TAG1014

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    Anyone know the heritage of this car? Details, builder, new, rebuilt etc? Train show picture, reverse of print blank. Photographer, date, details unknown.


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  2. FRISCO4503

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    I dont know anything about it but I wouldn't mind seeing it modeled!
  3. gna

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    It looks like a 1937 AAR car. According to this chart,,
    the Frisco was the builder. I'm going to guess it was new in 1938.
  4. meteor910

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    Tom -

    Gary is correct, SLSF 146186 is a 1937 AAR box car.

    I found a data sheet I got from Joe Pennington with a set of his decals (where is Joe by the way? Is he still active regarding the Frisco? Hope so!).

    SLSF 146186 is a 1937 AAR square corner post, all-steel box car, 40'6" IL, 9'2" IW, 10'0" IH, 3711 cuft, Duryea cushioned underframe, class XM, steel running board. The Red Caboose 1937 AAR model is the best to use for HO. Per the pic, looks like it rode on Barber Bettendorf trucks.

    The pic is a builder's photo. Note the tare weight of the car has not yet been established, so the weights below the load limit have not been filled in. Thus, the car has not yet been put in service.

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  5. gna

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    There are a couple of options for modeling 1937 AAR cars in HO scale. The Red Caboose car is probably the best, as Ken Mentions. Rick McClellan has pictures of his, with a Duryea underframe, in this thread:
    and this thread discusses the regular Red Caboose kit, as well as another option, the Branchline Yardmaster kit:

    Another option is an Accurail kit, #3220:, though they are supposed to release another Frisco car, #3544 soon.
  6. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    Yep this is the 1937 AAR box that I referred to in my posts earlier. This is an excellent model by Red Caboose and it is done in two versions, with the difference being the corners of the car body. I will have to check to see but I think one is called a "square post" and the other is a "W post."

    The other really interesting thing about the 1937 AAR cars is that about six units of one of the versions was converted to express box cars per Joe Pennington. If Red Caboose would do these cars, they could even do an express box version for us passenger operators.

    Ship IT on the Frisco!

  7. TAG1014

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    All this boxcar business started when I was trying to find out if the Kadee (road #17691) car paint scheme (black ends and roof) was a real Frisco paint scheme in another post. Seems there are written records to the effect, but no photos. Ken W. found a photo of a car w/ black ends. I've never seen one with black ends and roof and I've been watching Frisco trains since WW II. I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin'... :)

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  8. gna

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    The Branchline Yardmaster comes in an express box version, #8016: pics/slsf.jpg
    as well as the later repaint, #8046: pics/friscomain.jpg
  9. TAG1014

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    The model photo (of 140000) seems to have a black roof but not ends?? But I'm out of my league on freight cars--I'm a passenger car freak...

  10. meteor910

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    Tom - The Branchline AAR car, SLSF 140009, has both red oxide ends and roof. No black.

  11. meteor910

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    Rick -

    Yes, the '37 AAR car came with two different styles of corner posts in the car box framing. The square corner post car, obviously, had sharp square corners. The "W" corner post cars used a metal corner post with a cross section like a "W", making the corners of the car rounded, not square.

  12. yardmaster

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    More on this specific car, and the 1937 AAR cars of the Frisco, in general. I stumbled across a "1937 AAR Standard Boxcar Design Survey" on the following:

    It includes a pretty exhaustive survey including data on roofs, doors, ends, underframes,build dates and what-not for nearly all of this type of boxcar. It's a must-read for anyone who is interested in freight cars and/or for modeling era in the years leading up to WWII and the decade after.

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