SL-SF caboose 1288

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    Man you right on top of things...hate to lose that little piece of trivia to history. Interesting it had 3 paint jobs in 11 years, Frisco sure liked keeping them sharp!

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    Yeah Roger, I love that we found the paint date, I try to photo document all the little details so when we repaint her she will be spot on. What is the purpose or reason for the black square with the yellow ball emblem, to the right of the COTS data plates ?
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    It signifies that the wheels & trucks have been inspected for defects & carbon content. The story I was told was in the mid-70's the RR's got hold of some bad steel & had a bunch of derails so the Fed's made the RR's do a stress test on them. They are always in the same place, lower right side above the the trucks on both sides. If you got one, she was good to go.

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    From what I understood depending on the percentage of carbon content the symbol would be a white circle inside a black square while others would be yellow. Not sure which color was used for the "safe" wheels.
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    Just wanted to upload a couple images of the 3 window side, looks nice with all the spray paint removed from the windows, and with the platforms completed. The dented corner pillar on the body and the creased areas on the body side between the 2 windows, and the crease below the 2nd window will be repaired in the next few weeks. Looking forward to spring.
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    Check this out. The coonskin hiding under the faded old paint has been re painted. Traced over the original for a perfect match. Not much happening on 1288 recently but we have been steady on 1291 putting the interior back together and pics will be coming in a week or two. The best weather of the year for caboose repair is upon us now so were going to stay busy in Oct and Nov. KIMG0258.jpg KIMG0259.jpg
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    Hi Paul,

    How is the progress on 1288 going?

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    1288 has been donated to the friends of the A&M railroad museum and they are restoring 1288 to her orange and white appearance and will use her on the excursion train on special occasions. Sister caboose 1291 is there too and will be used for excursions later this year. The museum is well funded and has some very capable and enthusiastic volunteers and has the A&M railroad on board with the project too so in a couple years or so there will be occasions where 1288 and 1291 will run together. Good times.

    1288 caboose 88.jpg
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    Thank you for all your investment of finances, time and hard work to help preserve these cabooses!

    Looking forward to having the opportunity to have a great ride these cars on Frisco trackage on the old Central Division. Should be a real treat experience.

    Thank you again!

    Hope this helps.


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