Seligman and Beyond layout

Discussion in 'General' started by Ozarktraveler, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Ozarktraveler

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    20200312_170426.jpg 20200312_170406.jpg

    Playing with the fit of the low loft quilt batting.
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  2. Joe Lovett

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    Craig, your making great progress on your layout, looking forward to seeing more.

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  3. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Keep us posted, you picked a great area, that I worked on in the 70s
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  4. Ozarktraveler

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    From 1976-1980, covering my high school years, I lived close to the DD highway grade crossing in Seligman, and my maternal grandparents lived in the next house south (the prominent 2-story w/cedar siding) until my parents bought it from them in the late 1980's. . Even before that I loved to watch the trains pass and would bike to where I could see them, when I lived at the north end of town.

    Good chance I saw you pass Bill.

    The 2-story in the background is my parents home. Btw, as I understand it, no one was seriously injured in that wreck, as bad as it looks. I was told the train was almost clear, when the driver collided with it.
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  5. Ozarktraveler

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    20200314_152015.jpg 20200314_152046.jpg

    Glued down first quilt batting sheet for "The Cut". Will trim the excess around the edges after glues sets up, in this case Mod Podge matte finish, though I've been told Elmer's white will work too. The shadows make it look more loosely bunched than it is.

    Later, earth toned paint will be worked in to provide a color base and act as an adhesive for ground foam. I hope to use Jim James' felt sections as a ground cover base on some of the smoother sections.
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  6. Ozarktraveler

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    Finally got the Micro Engineering ladder track system templates to print at the proper size. (Carla actually solved it, I was using the printer set up for printing photos, instead of the document printer. Different "rules" of sorts.)

    Now to figure out the most efficient use of the 4'x8' section for the yard. Keeping in mind that the track comes into the 4'x8' section differently at each end, including grades at each entrance and trying to keep the main's radius good for passenger cars.

    Although I've seen pretty tight/interesting track twists navigated by Amtrak's cars. I reckon my pseudo-accurate Meteor units should be ok.

    Well, track comes straight in on the west end (top of photo) and actually comes in from the south (bottom left of photo).

    I believe I saw someone offers turnouts with a curve, curved turnouts or whatever you call them. (Sorry don't have the luxury of looking up terminology to preciesly word smith this at the moment.)
  7. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Looks good Craig! What are your grades coming into the yard? Peco makes curved switches, Shinohara/Walthers also makes them, there are others as well, but I cant think of the names right now.
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  8. Ozarktraveler

    Ozarktraveler Member

    One grade is 2" over 80" 2.0%

    The other is 2" over 96" 2.08%
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  9. mark

    mark Member

    A non-compensated change in elevation on tangent (straight) track of 2" over 80" is 2.5%.

    Any curvature along this change would increase the percentage of the change in elevation.

    Hope this helps.


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  10. Ozarktraveler

    Ozarktraveler Member

    It was just a quick guess-timate before bed, not that I know all the nuances anyway. The elevation changes are to add a little variety and it saved the cost of a couple of foam boards, but since they are "track width" foam inclines, once they're set, that's where the track will be.

    I'm think I'm limited to the outside of the bench to provide the best curve radius on the east end (bottom of picture).
  11. Ozarktraveler

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    Shims need filing to smooth the transitions, but you see the yard entrance.


    Starting to rough it out. Plans are to have the curve template include a turnout to start the ladder. The straight pieces are ME flex track that will be shaped to fit. I will likely place some dead end switch tracks off of the leftmost portion of the ladder.
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  12. Ozarktraveler

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    View is railroad south.

    Yellow = A&O main
    Purple = A&O siding
    Green = Depot location
    Red = Frisco main
    Blue = Frisco siding

    Not sure if I can squeeze another Frisco siding on the west side per prototype, just out of frame is "the cut", but the feeling is there. 20201010_205348.jpg
  13. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Craig, have you made progress on your layout since October 10th? Looking forward to your next update. You are doing a fantastic job.

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  14. patrick flory

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    I’m just tuning into this. I wish I had that railroad room. That long tangent, man, being able to look down the track in perspective. The longest I can look down a track is 6’. My layout is an L with two 1x8 legs around two sides of a 10x10 bedroom, and through a wall into another room and another L with 1x8 legs. I’m envious of these big rooms and outbuildings for layouts and being now retired, am seriously thinking about doing something about it and moving somewhere layout-friendly. And running with the big dogs.

    One question. What is the A&O Railroad. Google reveals a new shortline coal hauler in the east.
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  15. Ozarktraveler

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    Sorry I didn't see this before.

    That sounds fun.

    A&O = Arkansas and Ozarks. Seligman MO to Harrison AR.

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  16. Ozarktraveler

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    20210226_141629.jpg 20210226_141658.jpg 20210227_123830.jpg 20210227_123842.jpg

    Worked on the northwestern incline/risers. Managed to get it smoother than the 1st incline. I'll have to tweak the 1st.

    Added more layers to the tunnel mountain. Spray foam and more trimming to follow.
  17. Ozarktraveler

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    20210306_152457.jpg 20210306_152510.jpg

    Elected to fill cracks with newspaper and Woodland Scenics' foam putty after realizing that expanding foam would likely bust my foam blocks apart.

    I will still use expanding foam to shape the backside of the mountain.
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  18. Craig, the door and window foam is low expansion FYI.
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    20210411_141322.jpg 20210411_174734.jpg ]

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  20. Keep it up Craig!
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