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  1. Thank you Keith very much. I was sure glad Ken was cleaning out the closet!! (y)
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    After "cleaning out the closet" (stay tuned, not done yet!), here is what I have set out as my new Florida "layout". About 18" in length, yet the brass have insisted on an inspection tour of the Samsung division in their luxury business car. Yes, the train is slightly over powered, and yes, I realize that the SW7 and the VO1000 were not able to m/u with each other, so we have two crews up front, and yes, that business car (SLSF 50, a Walthers Piker) is the one with the naked lady in the on-board shower stall. I guess that keeps the brass from getting bored from the length of their journey.

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  3. Funny stuff Ken! Ballast needs more glue though.
    Any of you that ever look at my pics and think " all those have the same track". You are correct and it is all I own. It is the base for my wrecked gp35 723. I have hopes of a nice diorama for photos soon but a layout is beyond my time or electronic skill set. I would need all dummies and push them by hand.
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