SD 45 #911

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  1. Here is my contribution to the " I got it from Ken Wulfert" threads. LOL
    I got this RTR SD45 from Ken. It needed very little added to it. I am still waiting on windshield wipers to arrive but this will give you the idea. This is 911 just prior to the merger.
    Mainly just eyebolts. and brake detail added. I faded the paint with a whitish wash of acrylic craft paint. Then added some stain and streaks with oils and some chalk pastels to finish it off. Hope you like it. Thanks for checking it out. Steve
  2. Photobucket died midstream as I posted so here is the rest.:mad:

  3. dwoomer

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    Nice work!
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  4. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
  5. gjslsffan

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    I like it Steve, reminds me of some of my weathering jobs LOL.
    I got a question. Which light chalks do you use? Every time I put on light chalks and hit it with the lightest of dull coat it just disappears. I have to use light thin washed airbrushed on, maybe I use the wrong chalks.
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  6. Thanks Tom. I enjoy ALL your projects without a doubt.
    I use Weber Costello chalk pastels. I have the same difficulty with DC and them vanishing. Myself I try to put them on a little heavy knowing they will disappear. Then touchup over the dullcoat. I end up with several very thin layers of each. If a model wont get handled much I will leave the last coat unprotected.
    The pastels I have were left to me several years ago by a modeler friend that passed away. So I didn't even buy them, but that brand is easy to find I know. Have you ever tried pan pastels? I have not bought any yet but they are becoming popular with military and railroad weatherers (is that a word?) Supposedly the dullcoat does not make them disappear. They will be my next paint shop purchase. Worth a try at least I figure....?
  7. Jim James

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    Wow! You and Tom could work for a Hollywood model studio. Very nice weathering.
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    Nice work!

    I have a consuming lust to see more pictures of your U-25 #813. :ROFLMAO:
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  9. Thanks guys. Glad you like the whipped remains of 911. I always thought a modelmaker job at a studio would be great but I think the computer animation world replaced it.:(
    As for 813, I will post some pics of it sometime. It has had a hard life. It is the ALCO brass version. I got it at a swap meet because someone had dropped it. The pilot was crushed. So it was cheap. I fixed it, painted it up as 813 and lo and behold it got dropped at my house. So another repair for a crushed pilot is needed. That thing is cursed. Its on the list here. HA
    Tom, someone suggested to me last night about using odorless paint thinner airbrushed lightly to set pastels without erasing them. I may try that too?
  10. meteor910

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    Steve - Nice. Thanks for posting, and glad to see my stuff is finding good new homes.

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  11. Thanks Ken. I appreciate you checking it out, and your move sale items!
  12. yardmaster

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    Nicely done, Steve. I like the sound of this technique for getting the faded red on the O/W units. It sure seems like that, as a kid, there weren't many fresh red units on the River Division; my young memory recalls the faded orange look with a good deal of grime and even rust coloration on the white band. You've captured it very nicely.

    Best Regards,
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  13. Thanks Chris! For the fade I mix up very thin cheap Walmart acrylics in a white/gray mix. A layer or two of this thin wash really brings the color around to a faded look. I will look pretty ugly at first but with a little more weathering and some dullcoat it works well.
  14. That's just downright gorgeous
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  15. Thank you!!
  16. Sirfoldalot

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    MAN !! I just love seeing your work.
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  17. Thanks Sherrel, I'm glad you enjoy what I turn out. I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully 2017 we all finish several.
  18. Joe Lovett

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    Great photos,Steve. You've got SD-45 911 looking good.

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  19. Thanks Joe!!
  20. klrwhizkid

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    I spent so much time admiring your work I forgot to comment; VERY NICE!
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