Scales Trains announces Frisco SD38-2 in four numbers

Discussion in 'Electo-Motive Division (EMD)' started by tferk, Nov 13, 2021.

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    I am somewhat amused that they would pick a locomotive that was sequestered to one yard in one geographic location as something to build and offer. How many Tulsa yard modelers are there? It would seem to be a very small number of people (outside of mere collectors) that would buy these.
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    This is a.... head scratcher.

    When we initially were told to expect a 6 axle unit for the Frisco, i just assumed it would be an SD45 offering. I kept checking their web site hoping to see an announcement for that, because at this point, Scale Trains makes the best model of anyone at this point. So I'm a little bummed we didn't get the SD45's yet, but we can hope to get them in the future.

    Like Keith said, the market on these units will be limited for true modelers. Yours truly is more of a collector than anything else at this point so I'll probably sign up for all 4.

    What really throws a wrench in this is when you consider that Intermountain announced a run of Frisco SD38-2's YEARS ago, and have yet to make them. I checked my inbox, and the announcement was emailed to me in June of 2016! The Intermountain site does list them as confirmed for production, but who knows when or if they'll deliver on that. They have a habit of canceling Frisco projects a long time after announcing them, so if anyone wants an SD38-2, I would put my money on Scale Trains.
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    Well, at least they offer both the Tulsa and Memphis versions! The SD38-2 was not a common locomotive, and the Frisco fielded two versions, both good looking, that were unusual in that they were set up for hump work.

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