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  1. 5B85D1D1-544B-4E06-8AD2-8906F2879DD8.jpeg BA841900-3376-43A0-95DA-3434EA8B5CC7.jpeg EBA5CA6D-AF9F-4FDC-AA3C-711EC151BE1E.jpeg 39161B1F-02CF-491F-A325-52FD11390683.jpeg D1843592-5F65-4333-AFEE-75E2297D753C.jpeg 35857A5F-7E13-4DD4-BEA5-DE8B7BAEC328.jpeg B89B9C6F-F975-400D-9B85-32FB5C69F726.jpeg From the Jerry Hurt collection taken during the Memphis FMIG convention. We saw the other two at the Tulsa convention. I know we got to tour the cab of 296. Which was the only FRISCO diesel cab I was ever in. I’m afraid those pics may be slides though?
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    Thanks for sharing. The archive is pretty limited on pictures of 298 and 299, so its nice to see a few more here.
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  3. I agree. If I run across more I’ll add them. Photos are pretty organized here. But slide to pic will be a pain I suspect.
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    Thanks, Steve!
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    That is a long, vacant roof-line with only two radiator fans and no dynamics in the center!

    Paul Moore

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