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  1. Karl

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    Just another use for those surplus Troop Sleepers. The Allied Full Cushion trucks have been replaced with what appears to be a Commonweath or a ACF high speed truck. The shot was taken during the fall of '74 at the West Shops, Springfield.

    For the modeler, Walthers has a Rock Island car that would require the removal of the CRIP lettering, and the application of the new Frisco lettering. Swap out the trucks, and one would have a nice Frisco car with a couple of hours work.

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  2. arkrail

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    Does a roster exist showing prior numbers of MW passenger cars such as this one?
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  3. William Jackson

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    I suppose that would have been the parts car for the scale test car ?
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  4. klrwhizkid

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    Many railroads replaced the old two axle scale test car with a two-truck, four axle car in order to allow a train conveying the car to move it in any position in a train and without speed restrictions. I don't know if it was so in this case.

    I do know that two-truck, four axle scale cars were also used for testing retarder systems in hump yards, where the two-axle cars would not be for that purpose.
  5. Great idea Karl. Thanks for the info guys.

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