S.A.&A.P., S.A.F&N gets its first 4-6-2 from the Frisco

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    Hey Y'all,

    I picked up this little gem which was a kit-bash of a brass locomotive. Originally a PFM/United Louisiana & Arkansas 4-6-0, she has been stretched, given a trailing wheel, and turned into a small 4-6-2 Pacific, very similar to the Frisco 1000 series. It's not perfect, but dang close. Real close.

    She is going to be stripped, cleaned, repainted and receive her new Frisco S.A.&A.P. S.A.F&N markings, and will be tentatively assigned number 97. She'll be pulling passenger duties.

    Although the S.A.&A.P. did not have any Pacific class locomotives in real life, this will still fit in, since I am modeling the road as if the sale to the Frisco in 1903 actually took place.

    She will have a satin black paint job, graphite smoke box, and steam chest covers. She'll sport a red roof, gold doric stripes, green cab interior/windows, and a new Frisco coonskin headlight bracket. She'll be the pride of the passenger lines.


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  2. Jim James

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    What a beauty of an early 4-6-2. I'm about as jealous as I've ever been on this forum. Her lines are very no-nonsense but with style. Very nice.
  3. Jim James

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    Can I have it? I'll trade you my sticker book for it.
  4. Sirfoldalot

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    Ohhh .. I wish so much that I had bought one of the L&A ten wheelers when they first came out!

    Very nice looking locomotive from my neck of the woods.

    How about a shoebox full of marbles - deal?

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    Sorry guys, she has a new home. I wasn't going to get any Pacifics, but this one was too irresistible. It's so small it fits right in. I can't wait till she gets sound and DCC in her and sports her new paint job!

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    Well, the Road Foreman of Engineers has pulled No. 97 out of service and she's headed into the shops for a complete overhaul and paint job. She'll come out a stunning satin black, with graphite smoke box and steam chest covers. She'll be sporting a new coonskin headlight bracket, red roof, Doric Stripes, and will be proud as a peacock when she couples up to the Davy Crockett! She'll have a sweet sound and a new whistle, that will put a snap in her step.

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    Well, after a year and one half at the painters, my loco is still not even touched. It is being returned. I'm going to do it myself. I got a Paasche Air Eraser, and I'm going to clean it up, and do all the work myself. Finding someone to paint brass is a real royal pain in the brass and I'm over it. Time to do it myself.
  8. Jim James

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    Great! I look forward to seeing how it looks.

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    I can't wait either. I'm going to use the picture of 1006 to model that "loosely".

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