RS-1's AT&N colors?

Discussion in 'American Locomotive Company (ALCo)' started by trainchaser007, Jun 4, 2013.

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    In Marre's Frisco In Color, on page 15, there's a photo of AT&N GE switcher #12. The engine is all black and the AT&N herald and numerals are yellow. I don't recall any color photos of an AT&N RS-1. A wild guess of the engine colors in Condren's photo would be black with yellow heralds and trim stripes.

    Tom G.
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    Tonight I looked at all the AT&N RS-1 pics I have - 4 or 5 I think - 101, 103, 105 & 110, all black & white. I'd say Tom is correct - the only color shot we have to go by so far is AT&N 12, the 80-ton GE included in Lou Marre's book. It sure looks to be black with yellow lettering and trim. Thus, I'd agree, the RS-1's were likely the same.

    I have the Alco builder's pics of AT&N 101 and 110. Look black to me. I guess they could be a very dark blue instead, but I don't see any blue on AT&N 12.

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    I am definitely going with black and yellow for my AT&N-era model diesels. I was pretty sure those were the correct colors but I certainly appreciate the confirmations.

    I suspect that when John T. Cochrane Jr. ordered his 13 diesel locomotives in 1945, he was already plotting to sell the AT&N to the Frisco. After all, his AT&N and the Frisco had had an interchange and a reciprocating traffic agreement for the past 17 years. Adding to my suspicion is the fact that the AT&N went through "financial reorganization" in 1944. In 1945, John Jr. got clearance from the War Bond Board to purchase 11 ALCo RS-1's and 2 GE 44 ton switchers. The AT&N paint scheme chosen by John T. Cochrane Jr. for those units appears to be the exact same colors that the Frisco was using at that time in their FR-F1a, black and yellow paint scheme. Coincidence? I think not! In 1946, John Jr. sold the AT&N to a syndicate of investors. (I would be interested to learn who the inverstors were and whether or not they also owned stock in the Frisco at that time.) In 1948, the Frisco bought 97.2% of AT&N stock. Was John T. Cochrance's choice for the AT&N's diesel paint scheme part of a plot to sell the AT&N to the Frisco? If so, I think it was a pretty clever and strategic business move. It's just a theory.
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    I am inclined to believe that the AT&N B&Y ante-dates the Frisco B&Y.
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    Thanks for sharing the photos. Since I'm freelancing a theorectical, modern-era, restored and extended AT&N, I am going to use the original (pre-Frisco) AT&N scheme on the RS-1 and GE 44 tonner I hope to purchase soon. But first, I am making myself tackle some projects around the house before focusing on the layout. I'll be glad when I get those done. If I start on the layout before I finish the other projects, they will never get finished. I got a couple of remote turnouts in today from ebay. My parents were in Birmingham last week. Since they were only 2 miles away, I asked them to go by Oak Mountain Hobbies and pick me up a couple of sections of flex track. With the turnouts and track on hand, the AT&N has crews surveying a couple of small industrial sights for spurs. I'm itching to install the turnouts and service a few local businesses.

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