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    I've seen a photo of the Rosedale yard office in what appears to be in an abandoned status. (2 story white building I believe). Having never seen it, would someone let me know where in the yard it was located. Not sure if it was down by Mission Road, closer to the Garvey Elevator, or closer to the Cereal Processing plant. I'd like to have representation of it on my model RR.

    Thanks for your help.

    Jim Senese
    Claremore, OK
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    Jim, the Rosedale Yard Office was right next to Turkey Creek at the south end of the yard.
    Here are some links that might help:
    Pix of the office:
    Here's a picture inside:
    A picture of Train 133 being set up:
    Pictures of improvements to Rosedale:
    (in the eighth picture, left to right, top down, on this post the yard office is in the upper left corner at the south end of the yard. I believe this would place it on the west side of the south end, in a location that is now an empty lot. I have attached an aerial that centers on what I think was its location.

    Karl Brand can provide the definitive answer - he was there!

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    As I understand it, the two story office just off Merriam Lane was the Division office for the Northern Division. I have also heard that there was a dispatcher and CTC machine for the Frisco plant from the yard limit all the way to 19th St Yard.

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    Thanks for your help Keith and Rick. It's just the info (and photo!) I needed. Jim
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    Although the Rosedale Yard Office no longer stands, similar Frisco buildings of the same design and blond brick, constructed about the same time still exist.

    Both the Springfield Yard Office and the Amory Yard / Southern Division Office still exist. The SY building is in use by the railroad, on the south side of the yard in the northwest portion of the city. It is located at 1600 N. Lexington Ave., Springfield, MO. Please see,0.41,,0,6.8

    The Amory office building has been sold to the city. The City of Amory uses the building for their city offices. It sits on the east side of the yard, in the central part of town. It is located at 111 S. Front St., Amory, MS. Please see,-88.490067&spn=0.004573,0.008047&t=h&z=17

    The Rosedale Yard Office was unfortunately torn down during work to improve the lower Turkey Creek drainage area. The channel was widened and deepened and bridges in the area have been and are being replaced. As Keith has pointed out and mapped, the Rosedale Yard Office was located just northeast 1300 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, KS.

    Hope this helps.


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    Emperor Mark... I didn't know that! Just checked-out the street view on Google and then went to and got the bird's-eye view of the Springfield facility. Was able to "hover" over the building on Bing and make screen prints of all four sides. Great stuff. Jim

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