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Discussion in 'E8A' started by j, May 18, 2001.

  1. TAG1014

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    I think that original E-8 factory gold was called "Metalli-Chrome" or some such. And "Dulux' was the way DU Pont spelled the later color. Which I would describe as kind of a "yellow-ochre" if you were looking for it at an art shop.

  2. meteor910

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    Ah - Dulux Gold. Cool.

  3. Sirfoldalot

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    I count it as a sad day when I do not learn something new.

    This thread has awakened my mind as to why I have hundreds of "testors" in my garage from my wife's trips to the paint stores. Now, if I could just dump them all together, maybe I would have enough for the entire house. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    BTW, nice discussion.
  4. HWB

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    Anybody know where this picture was taken?

  5. tmfrisco

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    Man:eek:, What a thread:D. This is a fantastic ride through memory lane on the beautiful E8s. Someone asked early in the thread what color red was used, and, unless I missed as I was reading the threads, it was never answered. I have an undecorated E8 and E7 to paint, and it would be great to know exactly what color red to use. I have to say that the gold with white outline is my favorite scheme, but I agree also that unless the unit was kept clean, it would have been horrible. However, even my cars look horrible:eek: if allowed to get as dirty as the engines did later in life . So the key to any of them looking good was to keep them clean. I must add that no amount of keeping them clean would help the cigar band or the last o/w scheme look good. Just my opinion. Thanks, Terry
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    That photo was taken of the "Texas Special" leaving Dallas Union Station southward in 1952. It has been published numerous times.

    Ken McElreath
  7. tmfrisco

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    Beautiful picture. More, please. There seems to be a lack of pictures of the Tulsa Union Depot. I know there must be more floating out there than the ones here on this site. If you have any, it would be appreciated if you would post them. Also, any historical info on the depot would be appreciated, also. Thanks, Terry
  8. TAG1014

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    On one posting inquiry about this photo, it was noted that the photographer was R. S. Plummer who shot many great Texas Special photos over the years.


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