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  1. gjslsffan

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    Well, I have a bunch of Green IM 4750 cuft hoppers that are in the process of being Frisco"ized" made these decals on a simple Print Shop program using and old cantankerous ALPS printer.
    But I believe you could use a good inkjet to do the same with the right decal paper.
    I do plan to do a couple Green SLSF Hoppers too but, plan to save them for my "I have had enough" point, with 30+ cars to do it will be a long project. the current plan is to repaint any Frisco prototype hopper into Frisco paint and decals, and others to be repainted into my version of the QA&P scheme (Rule #1).
    Tom Holley

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  2. Coonskin

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    Nice work!

    Be careful on the repainting process, though. Do NOT get your paint too thin. If you do, you'll have to (are you ready for this?): REPAINT and THIN no MORE!!


  3. yardmaster

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    Well played, sir. :)

    Tom, thanks for sharing. I always look forward to the latest projects that your shops produce.

    Best Regards,
  4. meteor910

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    Tom - That will be a good looking block of cars and a long train. Those guys are big!

    I only have one, SLSF 79968, built from the InterMountain kit. I don't have room for any more, but it was a fun kit to build.

  5. gjslsffan

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    Thanks Guys
    For comments,
    Andre, your killin me Brother, just killin me. I will glad to the "thin there's no more" part of this.:D:D

    Chris, man, sometimes when I start a project like this one I wonder. WHY did you start that project!?

    Ken, these are monsters, I put a few together in kit form, nice kits to build. I would have just sold them and bought Frisco but the selling price over purchase prices is about double. I hope to one day be able to get off the peanut butter around here and maybe step up to Spam:D:D
    Tom Holley
  6. gjslsffan

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    |-||-|As the repainting rolls along, these are a few photos of some of the cars, had to do a few Green ones too, repainted 25 cars to SLSF Grey so far, with another 1/2 dozen in the works. QA&P had had about a dozen painted in their livery at this point, one has been heavily tagged. That grafiti was taken from a real car, (not QA&P). Looks like a AOK re-stencil slipped in there as well. I still want to get another dozen or so more Frisco's in Grey then I will be happy.
    Tom Holley|-||-|

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    SAFN SAAP Member

    I laughed when I saw the A-OK car. That's a riot! I understand painting the fleet. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my second S.A. & A.P. flat car, no 504. Keep up the good work.
  8. gjslsffan

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    Thanks Manny!
    I am just repainting and putting decals on mine, your starting with blank pieces of wood:D
    I enjoy all aspects of this hobby, watching your projects come alive is great stuff too. Please "carry on"
    Tom Holley

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Will do Tom. You inspire me as well. I enjoy watching other folks build their railroads. I learn a thing or two, and it helps me improve my skills. Carry on my friend. You will have a great FRISCO fleet.

  10. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Manny
    I will keep plugging away at it, Turns out the Intermountain "data only" cars have the right shade of Grey for Frisco so All I need to do now is get another few erasers and rub out some stenciling, paint the bottoms Black, add a bunch of decals, and Walla more Frisco 100 ton grain cars:D
    I need some Wheat farms and such around Dougherty, would like to come up with a simple way of making some Mesquite trees too.
    Thanks again
    Tom Holley

    SAFN SAAP Member

    LOL... Talk to Jim James, our resident Tree Master Maker. He makes great trees. I'm sure he can help you out with giving you tips and what-not on how to do's. If you want to rust them up, then I recommend either some DebenLLC stains or you can use 91 or 99% Rubbing Alcohol and shoe dye, brown. Make a wash and let gravity have at it. Try it on some junkers so you can see how it goes. Practice with wet brush and dry brush. You'll be amazed at the realistic effects you get.

    Tuned in for more. At least my back doesn't hurt when I look at yours'.

  12. Good job on your painting and decaling skills. I like the all graffiti covered hopper. I've seen several like it in the local yard(Van Buren's Ex-Mop, UP Yard). If you ever model any of those white UP refers the tagers love em' Its getting hard to find one thats now all covered in graffiti. I also like the AOK car. I seem them all the time. Kinda funny when you know that Arkansas-Oklahoma RR only truly owns like 10 cars. All the rest are just owned by a large leasing firm that borrow AOK reporting marks.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Aw man! And here I thought that he was just pullin' our leg, lettin' us know that his railroad is A-OK! J/K.
  14. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Murphy, and Manny,
    I had no idea the AOK had so few cars. That is interesting.
    Manny I have been looking at some old photos from West Texas in the early 1900's and see pretty much no Mesquite tree or any tree for that matter. I talking with some of my family they told me that the Mesquite menace came up from down South like weeds, so I want to simulate mesquite brush more than trees.
    HHHMMM the possibilities.
    Tom Holley

    SAFN SAAP Member

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