Rebuilding the Iantha Branch, again.

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    I don't want to come off as a downer, but...

    No, it will not. I have too many examples to provide otherwise. Rick has 12" between the Tulsa staging tracks and the bottom of Lamar's benchwork and he says it is just enough.
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    Just remember 1" of rise in 100" (approx 8 ft) is a 1 percent grade. Six inches of rise requires at least 25 feet of running distance (2 percent grade) unless you plan to have three unit consists. Then add to that the length of a staging yard. Ask Rick about grades.
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    Thanks as always for the feedback Keith.

    My plan had been a 2% grade to make the 6" climb. I generally run 3 or 4 unit consists, so 2% isn't bad. I guess I should mock up a shelf at 6" before I go through the trouble of assembling all this.

    I did discuss grades with Rick last time I was at his place. I think he said he was at 6% now coming in and out of Tulsa if I remember right. I could push to 4% to make a 12" climb.

    I'll mock up some trials and report back.
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    Keith is absolutely correct. Six inches of vertical clearance is not nearly enough, especially if there is more than one track on the lower level. Your hand will not fit over what ever is in front of what you need to re-rail. You need at least a foot, and that assumes you don't have to reach in very far.

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    I set up a trial of sorts today to test out different heights. I set up some sections of track 2" apart from each other on a 2' deep bench and alternated between Tri-Level Auto racks (tallest thing on my layout) and flat cars (the shortest). I did lose about 1/2" of clearance due to EZ track having the molded plastic roadbed. Here are my findings:

    6" of clearance: As Keith and Greg pointed out, its not enough space. I couldn't fit my arm in between the auto racks and upper shelf. I could reach back to the very back and re-rail the car on the very back track if I moved all of the other cars aside so I could reach straight in. Not a great situation, but one could make it work if they had to.

    8" of clearance: With all the car lined up, I could reach all the way to the back and move the auto rack at the very back, but I couldn't reach down to the flat car in front of it.

    10" of clearance: I could now reach in and work on any of the cars under the shelf.

    After looking at my track plan again today, I was a little short of space to make a 12" climb, but I can make 10" work.
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    It rained just enough yesterday to keep us out of the field, so I got started rearranging the layout. Rosedale yard and Glenn Park yard are both done already. Next step will be to move all of the locomotives and rolling stock back over to that side of the layout and put together the interchange and 19th St yard.

    I've already made a couple slight changes to the plan. There is a spare siding on the south half of Rosedale that I'm going to assign some industry spots to. That should add a little bit more to the operating cycle. If I have enough turnouts, I'm considering adding a spur to the MKT lead and moving the elevator spot away from GP yard where there's a bit more room for it.

    Hope to have more tomorrow.

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    Quick update as I get cars transferred over to the Rosedale side of the layout:

    I pulled out my Woodland Scenics incline sets. I was able to stack my pair of 2% sets on top of each other to create a 4% incline that goes up 8". A little over half of this incline is on a 26" radius curve. Despite the 4% incline on the curve, I was still able to get a train up the portion of the incline that I have completed today. With 4 locomotives in front of 30 cars, there were no issues with the incline.
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    I was lucky to have this weekend off from harvesting. I had enough time to finish the incline and put up the shelf for the upper level "distant" staging, and then finish putting together the rest of the track that I didn't finish last weekend. Hopefully next weekend I can get cars redistributed around the layout and new waybills printed up. Until then, here is a revised track plan and a few pictures I took today.

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    This is becoming a first rate model railroad! Wish I could stick to a project.
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    Thanks Jim. I sure hope it works out as intended.

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