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    Well as you all know, I am kinda partial to the QA&P :) and continue to model it like it never went away, and still operates here as a part of the Frisco system.
    I had thought of building a Bicentennial for the QA&P, and I cant lie, the article in RMC about that bicentennial loco it kinds spurred me to the get the thing done. Only issue I was having was, how to paint it as far as what colors where. Most of the Locomotives in this motif, I thought had way to much of one color, and the graphic too busy. So I decided to just paint the lower 2/3 of the loco in the traditional Frisco O/W practice, and simply put the Blue (MM Blue Angels Blue) on top where the Red/Orange would have gone and modify the top of the cab paint a little. As we are losing or lost what I considered great paints like Scalecoat and Floquil I decided to just use readily available paints from Model Masters, Guards Red, White, Blue Angels Blue, and Black. Made some decals up and used a few from other sources to get a good feel of the desired effect.
    The Locomotive is a standard Athearn Blue Box loco with My kinda standard detail package. Filled in the holes in the anti climbers, drilled holes in the top, bent my own end handrails from brass wire, for a more prototypical look. I don't mind the metal handrails, yea they are big and clunky looking, but you can pick the loco up with them and not hurt the things.
    Turned the rear truck bearing plates around so the rear truck actually runs backwards (which required frame milling) so the gear tower doesn't show up too much in the tunnel part of the shell. Anyway a bunch of work for a loco that never existed. Went all out on the lighting package too all the ground/step lights work as well as the strato-beacon, headlights and ditch lights too. The Caboose is an Athearn that was bumped from Frisco service by acquisition of a brass Bicentennial caboose, so naturally it went to the QA&P. It rides on IM trucks with a journal box lid glued over the roller bearing casting giving a little more correct look, with some QA&P decals.

    004.jpg 006.jpg 013.jpg 011.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg

    Anyway thanks for looking and lets have some fun model railroading!
  2. Jim James

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    Man, that's a fine looking pair of models. You sure do excel at producing very clean lines and sharp details. I wish I could see that loco all lit up.
  3. FriscoCharlie

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    I like it Tom.

  4. Larry F.

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    I love your originality--original enough that it coulda been--nice work! Larry F.
  5. mike_newton

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    Wow Tom! That looks great! You sure are fast completing your model based on what we saw last Sunday. Can you post some video with that loco coupled to the SLSF 748, 749, and 747 going over the OA&P bridge? I think that would be a really neat lash up!
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  6. HWB

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    Love it! and the Transcon Cutoff...what a slogan
  7. meteor910

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    Neat Tom!

  8. gjslsffan

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    Thanks Guys
    For the comments and input. I always appreciate them, no matter how far I stretch rule #1.

    Howard I hear you. Kind of a lofty slogan for a 113 miles trans con huh? :)
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  9. gjslsffan

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    Thanks Mike,
    I might just work on something like that.

  10. gjslsffan

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    As you know, the QA&P has been dipping into the used locomotive market for purchasing power to try and keep up with the increasing tonnage between Quanah and
    El Paso TX. The availability of SD40/45T-2's have been of special interest to the QA&P, even as this one has the dreaded 20 cylinder prime mover, they are priced right and good pullers. Here we see, the QA&P trying a SP SD45T-2, while the paint is coming off in sheets, it still pulled just as good as a fresh painted shiny one.
    Now for the prototype photo here in Grand Junction 1995-1997. I built this SD45T-2, basically from Rail Power and Athearn parts and modified Cannon & Co Radiator fan access doors. Just try to get paint to peel when you want it too.

    IMG (4).jpg
    IMG_0001 (2).jpg


    032.JPG 036.JPG

    Working on a video but it might take a few days to get it finished.
    BTW thanks for stopping by.
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  11. geep07

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    Great looking paint scheme for the Bicentennial. We needs to have it toured on my Frisco Lines for a celebration. Maybe the Top Brass will get their business cars latched on to it!

  12. This is great! That slogan is perfect as well!! Long live the QA&P!
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