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    Prior to the Katy's abandonment of its Holden branch in Paola was this switch a part of Frisco's PB tower interlocking? I assume in the time frame of the late 40s and early 50s that this would have been an "armstrong" interlock-true or not? The reason I ask is if I'm going to the trouble to build this interchange, with all the cranks and rods, I'll want to be reasonably accurate and include all the lines and branches involved. Thank you. Larry F.
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    Hello Larry -

    I remember some recent reading about PB Tower. Take a look at this Post, found here on the Frisco web-site:!&highlight=PB+Interlocking

    Karl Brand makes reference to the Katy using a puzzle switch that connects their line that went east to Holden. This area has interested me for many years now. In it's heyday, Paola was probably an active interlocking.

    I hope this is helpful - good luck in your endeavor!

    Bob McKeighan
    Lenexa, KS
  3. Karl

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    The Frisco - MKT crossing at Paola was not protected by the interlocker. Trains were to approach "under control" and expect the crossing to be occupied.
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    Thank you Karl and Bob for the info but the answers bring up another question...what is a puzzle switch? Larry
  5. renapper

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    There was no Frisco-Katy crossing at Paola, KS. The Katy had trackage rights from Glen Park Yard, KS to Paola, KS. Their mainline left the Frisco and went behind the Frisco depot before crossing Bull creek on their own bridge, then crossing the MP mainline and heading south east. Their branch left the Frisco mainline north of the depot and as Karl has said was not under interlocking control. Yes Paola, KS was a Armstrong plant. I have scratch built Paola, KS tower in HO scale using styrene. My article about it was published in Model Railroad Hobbyist on-line magazine.
  6. Karl

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    Check one of your ETT's
  7. rcmck

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    Let's see if I can embarass myself a little more!

    When rubbing elbows with efficianados like Karl and Richard, they set the bar kind of high, however I saw your question, Larry, about a puzzle switch.

    Believe it or not, I googled 'puzzle switch" and found this on the internet - should be able to click on this link:

    You might have heard of the term: "double-slip switch". Apparently, a puzzle switch is the same as a double-slip switch, according to good old Wikopedia. Obviously, if someone knows differently, please speak up.

    Hope this helps answer your question Larry - and Richard, I need to check out your article.

    Bob McKeighan
    Lenexa, KS
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    Boy! What a great reference! Modeling AND railfanning!

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    I will check out that article on the PB tower-thanks for the heads up. Bob, after googling that thread you posted on puzzle switches I may not be doing the whole station area-whew! I'm not that into self-abuse. Thanks again to one and all. Larry
  10. Karl

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    Even though the MKT Holden Sub was abandoned late 1958, the crossing, MP C-42.8, ett45_central_district_aug_9_1964_kc_sub_nbd_paola.jpg and puzzle switch (slip switch) remained in order to allow the Katy serve the its "industries" in Paola. The crossing and and slip switch were removed circa 1965-1966, and most likely during April 1965 when the Frisco laid 132 lb CWR. The MKT continued to serve its "downtown industries" after the crossing and puzzle switch was removed.

    View attachment paola_late_1960.pdf

    The crossing and puzzle switch were not protected by gate nor signals. Trains were required to approach the MKT crossing at restricted speed (expecting the crossing to be occupied)

  11. Larry F.

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    Karl, thanks a million for the date clarifications. It seems odd that the Frisco would have let the Katy beat them to the punch in serving the "downtown industries". And Richard, I finally got around to downloading your excellent article of the PB tower-I was impressed. On page 43 of the second Frisco In Color there is a photo of a similar tower in Tulsa in the original Frisco grays. One other question comes to mind...I was on Google maps of the area and it appears the MP and the Katy today share the bridge over Bull Creek. Was this always the case and who owned the original bridge or was there a second bridge. Thank you. Larry F.
  12. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Supporter

    After the UP acquired the the MKT, the UP retired the MKT bridge, and reconfigured the track layout.
  13. renapper

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    originally, the Katy left the Frisco and went behind the Paola, KS depot and crossed Bull Creek on their own bridge. The MP came down the hill crossed the Frisco's two tracks in front of the PB tower, crossed Bull Creek on their own bridge and then the crossing of the MP and Katy was south of the two bridges. After the Katy was taken over by the You Pee, a new connection off of the MP onto the Frisco was constructed in front of where the old PB tower stood, so the You Pee could still use the Katy rights on the Frisco to Kansas City. The Katy bridge over Bull Creek was torn down. The cross of the Katy and MP was removed, and a switch was installed in it's place so the old Katy and MP could go their separate ways after both crossed Bull Creek on the MP bridge. This happened after the Katy merger in about 1980. By the way after the Frisco turns the corner and passes the MP interchange track; it goes down to one track and crosses the Bull Creek on its own bridge.
  14. Larry F.

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    Karl and Richard-once more I'm indebted-thank you both. Larry F.
  15. Karl

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    Here's the way things looked during 1972, and the way they looked way before the UP reconfigured its former MP and MKT trackage. The photo is looking northeastward along the MP's Kansas City Sub where it crosses the MKT's Kansas City Subdivision. In the background, a southbound Frisco freight running on the Frisco's Kansas City Subdivision crosses the MP's Kansas City Subdivision. There was a connecting track between the MP and the MKT, which was used by the MP's Colorado Eagle, and before that, the Scenic Limited.

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    Great picture, thanks, I worked this tower several times!!!!
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    Recently, this thread has risen to the top. Thought that I had posted this image before, but apparently not. In answer to Larry's question about the MKT-Frisco crossing and puzzle switches, here is my annotation of a John W Barriger III photo. The picture was taken from the rear of Katy train, which has just entered the northbound Frisco mainline. The switchman is returning the puzzle switches to their normal position. It's a great pic with lots of detail.

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