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    During the mid 1960's through the early 1970's the Lenexa - Olathe area experienced a boom in light industrial and warehouse development. The growth occurred proximate to the Frisco's KC sub, and the railroad built numerous spurs to serve these businesses. The Frisco used panel track, which was built in Springfield, to lay the industrial spurs. One of my Dad's responsibilities was to over see the the track laying. Even though the initial surveys were done by someone else, before the track was put down, he would set centerline stakes so things wouldn't wander too much. On several occasions, he would invite my brother and me to "assist" with this task. It was a great learning experience, we learned some rudimentary surveying, and we learn how to lay out a 12"=1' curve without using a beam compass. ;-).

    Once the mainline turnout had been installed and the crossing had built across Santa Fe Trail Dr., a panel-track work train was called, and the track laying would begin. The panel rail was delivered in gons, and set in place with a Brownhoist. In the photo, a GP-7 is handling the train, but switch engines were used commonly, too.

    Once the track was down, a ballast train was called, and good Semple Chat was dumped on the track. The twin bay, 70 ton hoppers performed this task. A tie was placed in front of the trailing truck of the car being unloaded, the doors were opened, and the train pulled forward. The tie served as a "plow", which distributed the ballast evenly along the track.

    After the ballast was down, a tamper, a liner, and a ballast regulator would raise, line, and dress the track.

    The highway overpass in the background is 111th Street. No one in the crew is wearing a hardhat....there is not an air-powered impact wrench to tighten the track bolts..... note the metal igloo cooler and the metal lunch pails.

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    Good old SnapTrack!! :0)
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    That's a great snapshot/still life. It's like a time capsule with the "items of the day" in plain view. This would be helpful for super detailing a scene. Thanks for posting the photo.
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    Really cool, Karl. Your resources never cease to thrill and amaze me.
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    So neat to see subjects such as this preserved!

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