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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Iantha_Branch, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Hello all. I know i am not a new member, but I figured this is the best place to post this.
    Over the last year I faded away from the hobby of railroading quite a bit (noticeable by my lack of attendance on the site) due to a number of factors. After I graduated high school, I took on college, a rental house, an engagement to my girlfriend, and a new job, and it all came with in 6 weeks of each other. So as I struggled to learn and plan my way through these new events I ended up not spending much with the trains. I finally got things lined out and was beginning to think about building a nice big layout in the spare bed room when I decided to get an acoustic drum set like I had always wanted. So I ended up putting all my time, money and space into that. Fast forward to now and I have begun to realize how much I miss the hobby. So I am going to work on being more active on here and start working on putting some sort of layout together. Still working on ideas as to what I want to do with what space I have but I have a couple.
    Any way, since I've been gone for over a year, what have I missed out on here on the site?
    And anything new in the product offerings for HO scale that are of interest? I know Athearn released another run of SD45's (thinking about getting one) and they have a GP40-2 in the works.
    That's all for now I guess.
  2. Jim James

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    Glad you're back. Sometimes life gets in the way of hobbies but it always fun to come back to it. Model railroading gets in your blood and never really goes away. Sounds as if you've been busy. You should build a small module that could be incorporated into a layout. Something not too overwhelming.
  3. HWB

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  4. William Jackson

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    Glad to see you back, I enjoy your projects. Athearn has several new Frisco items, the most exciting is the orange and white in the covered wagon style engine. That brings back lots of memories for me, I seen lots of those in the deisel shop and starting on the tie gang in 1970, several passed the gang, when we cleared for trains. A really nice addition, I always wanted to make one, but this offering fills my wants.
  5. SteveM

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    Good to hear from you. I would second the motion on a module, or a shelf for switching. Try some scenery techniques, etc. I wish I had more scenery experience when I started in on my layout. Hope you can get down for some operations sometime.

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