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    Many of you remember, or have the original volume Midwest - Florida Sunliners by R. Lyle Key, Jr. Well...it's being resurrected and improved upon. Sort of . New and currently available is VOLUME 1 - , OK, I'll let the promo piece we're running on our website do the talking:

    A major new book on Midwest-Florida passenger service has just been published: From the Midwest to Florida by Rail, 1875-1979, Vol. 1 provides definitive coverage of every train that ran from Chicago and elsewhere in the Midwest to the Sunshine State. This huge book – 520 pages – covers trains originating on the C&EI, IC, PRR, L&N, NC&StL, Monon, and M&O, including such famous runs as the Dixie Flyer, Dixieland, City of Miami, South Wind, Flamingo, and many more. Contents include detailed historical overviews, extensive schedule and consist information, maps, and numerous black and white and color photos of trains and equipment plus illustrations of timetables and brochures. ACL and FEC scenes and equipment are of course heavily represented.

    The book is published by the PRR T&HS and authored by Chuck Blardone, with significant contributions by Myron Bilas, Larry Goolsby, Theodore Kornweible Jr., and Lyle Key. This encyclopedic volume is a great value at our special price of $99 plus shipping (retail is $109.95), catalog #BK-78. The print run is very limited so order now while they are still available. Volume 2, which will cover trains originating from the NYC, Southern, and Frisco plus FEC connections, Amtrak, stations, etc., is expected in 2015

    You should know it took a fight from me to keep the FRISCO in the trenches here. When I heard of this effort sometime back, the PRR group was not involved and I offered to cough up my KC-FL FRISCO stuff plus involve everyone in this group. Then the PRR bunch hijacked the project (Chuck Blaredone...some of you may know him likes things done HIS way) and at first said "Kansas City" was not a Midwest destination. By this time Lyle Key and Larry Goolsby sort of backed off, but we did manage to keep some of the material alive...you see it is in volume 2.

    But, those are the facts , and here's the book....or books.

    I couldn't find a similar post on this on our site, so if there is one, Charlie...feel free to dump this.

    Rancho Bob (Buck Dean)
    Jacksonville, FL

  2. Just a quick update on Volume 2...it is currently in production and should be available by May 2015. Around 100 pages will be devoted to Frisco Florida operations, covering everything from the Florida Fast Mail through the Kansas City-Florida Special's successor, The Southland. There will also be coverage concerning Frisco's Pensacola service as well.

    Myron Bilas
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    Goody, any previews or teasers on Vol 2. This may be good, 100 pages, liks to see this one.
  4. FriscoCharlie

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    How do we order?

  5. As the book is still in production, I can't provide any previews. But I can say that the book will be profusely illustrated and will contain a good number of schedules, consists, vintage ads and other visuals that support the stories of these trains.

    When volume 2 is released I will post again to offer ordering information. You can also take a look at the PRRT&HS website (www.PRRTHS.com) for updates as well.

    Bottom line - the two 500-page volumes of "From the Midwest to Florida by Rail 1875-1979" gives a complete account of passenger train services from Midwest points to Florida.

    Myron Bilas
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    Both volumes will be carried by the "Company Store" of the ACL & SAL Historical Society for those who like to send their money in to our WORTHY CAUSE!

    i'm reading Volume 1 right now.

    ACL & SAL HS
  7. The announcement for Volume 2 has just been released....

    Florida V2 Announcement 27FEB14.jpg
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    LOL....hey, ZO, you didn't see the first one he sent out where he completely FORGOT the FRISCO on the cover. What a guy. By the way, all...look at the picture. These gals must be boarding the Banff, Alberta section of the Pelican.

    I correct my earlier statement, conditionally. Larry Goolsby advises me that we (The ACL & SAL HS) may not get books to re-sell. Right now, if you read the flyer, it's direct sales only.

  9. Should have chimed in sooner but Volume 2, with 100 pages of Frisco content, is now available and can be ordered at www.prrths.com.

  10. FriscoCharlie

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    I just ordered this book. Has anyone else ordered it?

  11. magistrate

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    I have already received it and vol. One. I am really enjoying them.

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  12. meteor910

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    Are the two books worth their cost? They are pretty expensive. So far, I've held off.

  13. magistrate

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    To me they are well worth their cost, but being disabled I spend a lot more time with my books and in research than I used to. There is a lot of information in these books that I had not seen before and so far I am really enjoying them.

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    Chuck Blardone is a very good author and editor for the PRRT&HS. His dealings with contributors get mixed reviews. I was contacted a couple of winters ago about SLSF/KCFS&M material, since he knew I live in Springfield. A good friend collects time tables and other items. I submitted digital photographs of some of those items for Chuck to review. I also sent him 1900 era "Official Guide" pages from 1902 and 1906 to show the train names (and route for the Sunnyland) changed through the years. Chuck works at high speed and after an initial response did not let me know if he wanted better photos, or additional time table information. Hopefully the Frisco chapter turned out well.
    John Sanders

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