Map of Frisco RR in Southeast Missouri

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    I was doing a search and found a map of the Central Frisco Railroad line. I've attached it too. I blew up the area in Southeast Missouri, for anyone interested. I've attached a copy of it for you to look at.

    For those of you that are interested, I've attached pictures of the depots that are in Dunklin County, Mo. If you have any further pictures of the depots, engines, cars, etc. Please post. Am looking for memorabilia in this county! Appreciate any help! |-|

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    On those pictures I uploaded, you'll see the town, division and the rr that they were situated in. You'll also see the date of when it was taken.
  3. These are extremely nice.
    Thanks for the post.
    I was wondering if the Clarkstown depot was a track crew's storage shed or the crew's outhouse.
    Ha Ha ! But maybe they did have crew outhouses ?


    In this picture is a 1951 Chevy, like my dad gave to me when I went to Washington University.
    Great memories!
    I had to stop when Jack Buck (St. L Cardinals) crossed over Hampton Ave. J walking
    as he returned to the radio station after having lunch at the bar on the other side.
    He would wave to me and yelled "thanks !".
    That happened over a dozen times as we both had the same schedules. Ha Ha !
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