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    He seemed fascinated by the coonskin.
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    :) Arent' we all :D
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    The second pic, of SLSF 17784, includes a great view of the ASF A-3 "Ride Control" truck, a Frisco favorite. Note the spotting features of the A-3: the "pouch" at the bottom of the side frame in which the springs sit, and the pronounced angled wedge bracket ends in the bolster end housing above the springs, behind which the friction wedges that dampen the truck suspension are. You need to see both of these features for it to be an ASF A-3.

    The Frisco, and many other roads (MoP for one) preferred this truck.

    Kato, Kadee, and Athearn offer this truck in HO.

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    Wonder what was the occaision that "LIFE" was taking Frisco boxcar photos??

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    :) There was a photographer Walter Sanders, was shooting a bunch of photos in 1943 (mainly around Chicago) for one of stories. I assume it was focusing on the RR ad WWII, but I could be wrong. (B&W photo)

    The other photographer Walker Evans (famous in the photography world) took the three color photos in 1957.

    The Tages they used

    Box Cars, Photography By, Freight, Evans, Walker, Railroads, Us, 1950s

    So if you want to search those two years at LIFE, I think we could find out why they were taking those photos.

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