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    The first picture is of some more rock molds and basic scenic overlay. Currently the Rosin paper over cardboard strips method is being used, I like it so far it goes fast and is cleaner than most. I started with the screen wire paper towels soaked in hydrocal method, but that got very, VERY messy and I thought too noisy as well. I guess I will never have enough trees. Most I make myself from Sagebrush armateurs. I really don't like making scenery, gets in the way of running trains.:rolleyes:
    I promise to take more pictures as it advances.
    The second is of SLSF 954 West leaving the main yard 5 units 61 cars 43' long. The main yard is 54" from floor, upon leaving yard starts a 1/12% climb
    50-60 ft.
    The third shows the train out of the yard and power leveling off thru Lazar.
    The fourth shows the power leaning into the 2% climb towards Quanah.
    The sixth shows the train on the 2% the head end is about 70" from the floor, the rear is 62". 4 units would pull it but a little to much slipping and sliding which leads to jerking and sometimes a stringline derailment.
    The fifth shows the rear end rolling down the 1 1/2 % back down from Quanah to the main yards.

    All rolling stock has metal wheels and weighted to at least 2 times NMRA recommendations, NO plastic or rubber drawbars, and coupler heights have to be near perfect to run long heavy trains on these grades. That alone keeps 6-8 cars in the RIPS all the time.

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    Great photos.

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    Very nice work Tom - thanks for posting. Is the GP50 in there anywhere? - I forgot what number you made it. Love the b/y QA&P SD40!

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    OK .. I give up? :confused:
    Got out the magnifying glass to look at the monitor. WHAT Trees? :confused:

    That's a beautiful layout, Tom.
    I am not familiar with the paper/cardboard scenery ... can you elaborate to me a little?
  5. Rick McClellan

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    Nice work especially the loooooonnnnnnggggg trains. I am a long train guy myself. Keep the photos coming.
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    Great work, Tom! Thanks for the pictures.

    I especially like your model of Bicentennial Caboose 1240. What type of model is this one? Those trucks, especially, look quite nice on it.

    Best Regards,

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