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    Photo's my father had of the last passenger train out of Thayer, MO circa 1962. My grandfather worked as a carpenter for the Frisco, and dad spent time in high-school (back in the 40's) as a dispatch aid (glorified term for the guy who gets the engineer's out of the bar at 4a.m. for their train - lot's have changed since then).

    These pictures were taken by an unknown-to-me photographer on the Walnut Street Bridge (in the background of the first, you can see the newly built Highway 63).

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    WOW ! ! ! These are great! Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes, they are! I was really astounded to find them in his computer files after his passing.

    I believe the lead motive is an E-8 (I think, if I read the road number right, it is the 2012 "Flying Ebony").

    I have a couple of photos I took this past April at the Thayer Depot of a BNSF coaler downhill from Springfield. BNSF 4806 and 4737 (both Dash 9's). It was interesting, as they also had power in the mid-train (but I couldn't get over to where it was to get a good photo). Enjoy them!

    (a.k.a. theBlur)

    p.s. Long-time railfan, just recently finding out others are like minded.

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  4. Goodness but those are awesome shots! I always wondered when the last passenger train passed by here.
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    Might have been the last "Sunnyland" in Sept. 1965??

    Tom G.
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    It's possible, but given that fact the the engine has two E-units, and the fact that the train has light-weight cars, I am inclined to believe that the images depict train 101. The second car from the end is one of the chair-lounge-buffets, and I wonder if the last car isn't one of the Pullmans, which graced The Southland for a very brief time. Anybody know when US 63 was routed around Thayer?
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