Kansas City 1940 Tax Assessment Photographs

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    Folks -
    A link to what appears to be a pretty fabulous cache of photos from the KC Area:


    The home page for the collection provides a summary. There appear to be both maps and photos; while the photos are quite tiny, you can zoom in all the way without any loss of clarity. Looks like there's a decent amount of photos for both the KCT facilities in and around KCUS, and for many of the buildings along Southwest Boulevard.

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    Thanks for the heads-up. Found my house.
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    Ah yes, a Katz drug store. Haven't thought of them in years. We had a bunch of them in St Louis as well when I was a kid.

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    Found one of the backside of the 29th Street Tower. Using the "Fallen Flags" photo of Richard Napper's as a starting point:


    Everything appears to be laid out exactly the same, down to the coal shed and tool shed, down to the ladder.

    All of these photos should make for a lot of fun research.

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