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    Frisco Friends,

    There is currently a planning contest for the Model Rail Radio podcast. The rules are HO scale in a 12 x 18 ft room with a door (you can place door). I am thinking of submitting a Parsons Subdivision plan for the contest and would welcome input. Any resulting prizes will be shared liberally.

    Below is my first cut at a plan between Cherokee (Afton Sub) and interchange with MK&T at Parsons. While not quite prototypical (Neosho River is on other side of McCune), I am hoping this arrangement allows for towns to be equally spaced and a passing siding to be available in between the two ends. I am thinking that I need to re-order the turnouts at McCune to make the passing siding longer than the house track.

    Also, the strange wye in Parsons allows me to provide interchange tracks and still turn a locomotive.

    Merry Christmas,

    -Bob T.
  2. rjthomas909

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  3. Friscotony

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    One of the items on the Parsons-McCune line was a small Coal fired electric generating plant. Single siding is all I know about.

    Tony LaLumia
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  4. rjthomas909

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    Thanks Tony,

    That would be a good alternate to the munitions factory lead, as it was not there until 1946. Probably a better match for a Cherokee with a roundhouse.

    -Bob T.
  5. Looks great Bob. Good luck
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  6. Iantha_Branch

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    If you moved Cherokee up a few feet, could you include the lead to Weir with a coal mine?
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  7. rjthomas909

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    Another excellent suggestion. Would pair well with Tony's recommendation. It also points out that I could use two sides of a wider peninsula in the middle of the room.

    Edit: There was a "Makie J. Mine" on the Parsons Sub just west of Cherokee. Could also represent this one as a small bump-out.

    Thanks guys!

    -Bob T.
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  8. Iantha_Branch

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    Another idea,
    If you add in weir, could you hide a couple staging tracks behind to use to represent Pittsburg for points of interchange? I would have to go look at a time table, but I think locals originated and terminated at Pittsburg
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  9. rjthomas909

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    Pittsburg staging is an interesting idea. I am going to have to think over a major shuffle.

    -Bob T.
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  10. rjthomas909

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    Latest version (not yet incorporating Ethan and Tony's suggestions). Working on those today.....

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  11. gjslsffan

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    This is a great plan Robert. It is very interesting with great switching opportunities. You could even come off that RR xing at grade at Cherokee and tie into that MK&T track with a Y switch addition and have a lift out for continuous running if you ever want to as well.
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  12. rjthomas909

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    Good Morning Friends,

    I received a note last night from Tom Barbalet and Ron Klaiss that the Parsons Sub plan was the winner of the Model Rail Radio contest for 2020.

    Attached as a PDF is what I had submitted. I want to thank all for their input here. I hope my description of the history is somewhat accurate and represents the Frisco Nation well.

    Tony, I was able to include your recommendation in the plan an write up (as a pre-WWII alternative). Ethan, I am sorry that I could not find a way to fit in the Pittsburg staging without a significant redesign.

    Ron is sending a couple of Mine Mount structure kits as prizes, and I get a locomotive weathering job by Ralph Renzetti (sp?). I am planning to send one of the new Athearn GP-7s for that and will feature it in photos here. I am not sure if I can fit the structures into the Crawford and Cherokee. Tony, Tom, and Ethan, let me know if you would be interested if I don't have a use for them.

    Thanks Again All. Take Care and Stay Safe.

    -Bob T. Modular-MRR-Parsons-Sub-2020-03-15b-cr.jpg

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  13. Congrats Bob! That’s great to hear. All your work paying off has to be a good feeling.
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  14. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    I echo Steve's post, great job!!!

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  15. gna

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    Congratulations, Bob! Well done. Your layout and your designs are excellent.
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  16. Iantha_Branch

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    Congrats! Way to represent Frisco Nation.
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  17. geep07

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    Congratulations are in order here for a great layout and winning the contest!
    Question if I may. Is there a possibility to have staging tracks attached by a separate module, that in my opinion would really enhance an operations stand point to this gorgeous layout.
    I have a feeling you may have thought this out and have plans on it that I am not aware of.

  18. rjthomas909

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    Hey John,

    Ethan and Tom suggested the same if I interpret their comments correctly. Basically, representing the direction of Pittsburg KS on the Parsons Sub.

    I was up against the contest deadline and when I tried to re-organize, I just made a mess. The contest ended at the end of March and I was out of time. The room constraint was 12 ft x 18 ft with a single door anywhere you wished. If we relaxed that, it would be a little more straightforward to add.

    I am thinking that the staging could be through a drop down and include an elevation change between the two ends. One would run the trains off of the diamond at Cherokee (may have to angle it a bit) and underneath the area at Parsons. I am sure one could gain enough elevation without disrupting switching too much. That might work with this footprint.

    Edit: I think there is a plan for Clinton MO somewhere with a similar concept.

    Thanks all for the encouragement! Again, willing to share the prizes.

    -Bob T.
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  19. patrick flory

    patrick flory Member

    Is this an actual layout being built? How big are the squares?
  20. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Patrick, this was a plan only for the contest submission. The squares are 6-inch. Similar to my home layout but neighboring part of the Parsons Sub.

    -Bob T.

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