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    Then the turntable at Cherokee is very very short. I like the wye best of all, very branch-liney. I’m studying these planes very closely for ideas for a somewhat smaller space. I also like the abundant open spaces, exactly the country railroad feel I want for myself. With the crisis I’ve had to leave my home in a hot spot and evacuate to MS which is much less densely populated. I have a roughly 10x14 area under a raised house available for a layout. I was fooling around with it before but always unhappy with the operating scheme. These plans come close conceptually to what I want and will provide some needed ideas.
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    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the note. I hope that you find some components for your own design. I agree the turntable is pretty short. I grabbed an example from the AnyRail database that was just long enough to turn the 10-wheeler that I have from Bachmann. I think you would want a few more inches of width on that section if you were running larger locomotives, and maybe broaden a few of the curves. I think I sent the minimum radius to 24-inches. This plan does intersect the Crawford and Cherokee (my layout) at the Cherokee diamond. You might consider some of the elements here as well.

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    Your plans are all good. You appear to be a branch line and short line hound just like me.
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    Correct. Model Railroad Planning 2008 includes the article “Fit a Branch Line in a Bedroom” by Paul Dolkos.

    One challenge with the around and under staging approach is clearance between decks and considerations over the grade-tolerable doe shorter branch line traffic.

    Incidentally he gives a shout-out to our fair site and to Mark Davidson and Rick McClellan.
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