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    Hey I joined this forum to find out some information about a train wreck. I've been swimming by the old bridge in Cook Station for a while now and there is a rail car visible along the bottom of the river and I have been finding train parts and bridge parts along the bottom. I am very curious about this wreck and want to know more. If anybody has any information that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Cody, Welcome Aboard. I moved your post to a separate thread so you are more likely to get attention. I assume the river you are talking about is the Meramec?
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    I had to look up where Cook Station is in Missouri.

    I don’t know anything about the line you are talking about, but the forest service is looking for information about a trestle that was converted into a dam by the Sligo and Eastern, which isn’t too far from the area you describe.


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    So I read this post, and it has really piqued my interest. Alas, I can’t go to the Highway M (Goltra) bridge to investigate until after Monday. I’m now work for Modot as a Railroad Safety Inspector (MP&E), and am the on-call duty officer until 0700 Monday. No cell service at Goltra!

    Pat Moreland
    Wesco, Missouri
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    Hi Pat. Sounds like you are doing good.
    Haven't heard from you in a while.
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    Thanks, Tom. I’m doing well. Working for the State has allowed me to move back to Wesco and be close to my Mom and Dad, who are in they’re 80’s.

    I go out to Pueblo, Colorado quite often now for FRA training. For some stupid reason, I was thinking that was close to Grand Junction. Didn’t realize they’re on opposite sides of the state! The training center has a lot of old equipment sitting around. DRG&W, Rock Island, and one SL-SF hopper lying on it’s side for accident investigation training. Pretty cool stuff!

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    Yea we're about 5 1/2 hrs west of Pueblo.
    I am about 29 miles from Utah.
    Glad to see you got into a better job and home.

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