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Discussion in 'Heavyweight Cars' started by ted, May 29, 2002.

  1. ted

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    Hello Frisco fans.
    Can anyone give me any info on Frisco H/W cars?, I need numbers, colors, etc.........coaches, baggage, diners, all
    types. Also any streamline info as well. I've been to the museum in Springfield, MO. but it never seems to be open.
    Thanx ALL
    Ted Tyson
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  2. douglas

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    Chris Abernathy asked me to go through my reference material for Pullman cars. The attached spread sheet is what I found for the heavyweights. I didn't include the lightweight 1947 P-S streamliners nor the turn-of-the-century cars. Doug

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  3. douglas

    douglas Guest

    Here's a cross reference from the Pullman Plan Drawing Numbers from a few of the Frisco's cars and where to find the drawings:

    2410L Mainline Modeler, September 1985 page 46
    2585D Mainline Modeler, August 1985 page 46
    3410A Mainline Modeler, May 1986 page 46, Mainline Modeler, January/February 1981 page 46
    3410B Mainline Modeler, May 1986 page 46, Mainline Modeler, January/February 1981 page 46
    3411C Mainline Modeler, July 1985 page 46
    3411D Mainline Modeler, July 1985 page 46
    3585A Mainline Modeler, March 1985 page 45
    3979A Mainline Modeler, August 1986 page 46, Mainline Modeler, May/June 1981 page 59
    4046B Mainline Modeler, May/June 1981 page 63
  4. karl

    karl Guest

    I have purchased one of the Branchline, HO scale 8-1-2 Pullmans. Although I haven't started work on it, it appears to be a very fine model. Before proceeding, I conducted a bit of research, and I offer this with regard to Hvywt Pullmans. My source is an excellent article taken from the Autumn 1995 issue of the Terminal Railroad Assoc. of St Louis Historical & Technical Soc., Inc.

    See also www.pullmanproject.com

    Listed are the Heavyweight Pullman Car Assignments for Trs. 1-2 and 9-10

    Time frame is post 7/7/46.

    Between OKC ; New York via B&O
    Rathaus Tower 8-1-3 Frisco
    Magdalan Tower 8-1-3 Frisco
    Gothic Tower 8-1-3 B&O
    Lantern Tower 8-1-3 B&O
    Norman Tower 8-1-3 B&O
    Hill Tower 8-1-3 B&O

    Texas Special
    Between Wash DC & San Antonio

    Lake Albert 10-1-2 Frisco
    Lake Superior 10-1-2 B&O
    Lake LaPoudre 10-1-2 B&O
    Lake Jessie 10-1-2 MKT
    Tintic MKT

    The article stated that the Rathaus Tower, the Magdalan Tower, the Robert F. Hoke, and the P. G. T. Beauregard were shadowed striped after the arrival of the ltwt equipment.
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  5. tmfrisco

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    I have spent some time in the www.pullmanproject.com and it is very helpful to anyone interested in accurately modeling Pullman sleepers. The project has several categories that were listed but no info is available, but the categories with info is great. I see this site hasn't been listed since 2004, and I thought it might be good to throw it out for viewing again. Enjoy, I did. Terry
  6. w3hodoug

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    Douglas was me back then.
  7. jmlaboda

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    Does anyone know which 12 Section - 1 Drawing Room sleeper became SLSF Instruction car #54? Did this car later receive a MofW number? Trying to nail down the history of this car so any help would be appreciated!!!
  8. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Frisco Instruction Car, 54, began life as the "McCaffrey, a 12 section - 1 Drawing Room car, Plan 3410, Lot 4845, which consisted of 225 cars that were built Feb-May 1925. It was converted to Tourist Car 5052 during Dec 1950. It was sold to the Frisco during Sept 1953, and became Instruction Car 54.
  9. jmlaboda

    jmlaboda Member

    Thanks so very much for the help!!! I do appreciate it!!!

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