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  1. Steven Hick

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    Greetings all!
    I've recently joined and I am looking forward to searching through the valuable resources available here. I've turned my attention to the Frisco after spending much time focused on the MP. Why my interest and what is my connection to the Frisco? As best I can figure, my first ride on a passenger train pre-Amtrak, was on the Frisco on a short ride from Cape Girardeau, MO to Chaffee, MO on a kindergarten field trip. Based on what I've learned from the 1964 and 1965 timetables, this was the last year passenger service ran from StL to Memphis. Someone knew what was looming for passenger service and thought we should get one last ride in. I have memories of the ride but apparently wasn't paying attention to the details! A few years later we moved to St. Louis where we lived just over a mile from the Frisco. I also passed under this crossing for many years (see photo).
    Home is now Denver, Colorado.
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  2. klrwhizkid

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    Steve, Welcome Aboard!
    Did you attend Trinity Lutheran day school? I understand that the trip on the Frisco to Chaffee was sort of an institution. I am from Cape and am building layout modeling Cape Girardeau (Frisco and MoP) with intent to operate as the railroads did using 5 -6 crews. There is plenty of information on the River Division on this site. It will be great having a "map guy" on board; I am really into maps thanks to my dad.
  3. gjslsffan

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    Hi Steven!
    Yet another Frisco fan from Colorado. Who woulda thought that? I am in Grand Junction, and would be glad to see you, on the other side of the divide.
    Our Frisco has a wide appeal for sure.
  4. Hello Steven,

    Greetings from Oklahoma and welcome.
    Great shot of the overpass. Would be a unique thing to incorporate into a model layout. Just out of curiosity any idea of how many tracks were above it? On google maps looks like it had at least two at one time but presently there is only one.

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  5. Steven Hick

    Steven Hick Member

    I couldn't say for sure.
  6. Steven Hick

    Steven Hick Member

    I do get to the western slope from time to time for one thing or another. I'll give you a shout next time in the area.
  7. Steven Hick

    Steven Hick Member

    Why yes I did attend Trinity, K through 3 before moving to StL for 4th grade. I had no idea the trip was an "institution" but that gives me more research to do. I know it is a long way out, but our family gathering next Christmas is in StL and we are planning a day trip to Cape to check out old haunts and see the sights on Main St.

    What are your mapping interests? Rail I would guess?
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  8. skyraider

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    Welcome Steve!! It's fun to have another Frisco forum member on the Front Range.

    Paul Moore
    Colorado Springs
  9. Joe Lovett

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    Welcome to the Frisco website Steve!!! No matter what you want to know about the Frisco chances are you will find it on this website. If you have any questions please let us know.

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  10. klrwhizkid

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    Rail, topo, and just maps in general. They help me create an image of the world around me in my head that helps me navigate and find things. GPS on vehicle is nice and helpful but it is too focused and when you zoom out, you lose too much detail that can still be seen when looking at an entire map.
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  11. yardmaster

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    Welcome, Steve, from an old Chaffee- ite. My Aunt Phyllis got to take The Sunnyland northbound from Chaffee to Cape pre-1965. Enjoy a look around the site.

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