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    So I have recently started to write a review of K&L Trainz Frisco 1522, but I have hit a snag. I wanted to emphasize just how powerful the 1522 was during her last excursion on September 29, 2002. She pulled 30 cars (if you count the Amtrak P42 and the Auxiliary Tender) unassisted between St. Louis to Newburg. She was rated to pull only 26 passenger cars so pulling 30 cars on what was classified as a helper subdivision by the Frisco Railroad is pretty impressive. I know this division was classified as a helper division but I have no idea what the grade profile was. I was hoping that someone here could help me.
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    The grade profile from St. Louis to Newburg was like a roller coaster, flat in some areas and not in others. According to the "Frisco Track Chart" dated November 1, 1977 the profiles listed were anywhere between 0% - 1.5% in some areas. If you were to string out all of the profile sheets from the mentioned track chart the profile does not look very steep but more like a rolling grade with mixed profiles of .5% -.8% It appears the steepest part between St. Louis to Newburg was past the Meramec River west of Rook to St. Clair. Here the grade was more of a straight grade from 0% to 1.5%

    There is no doubt in my opinion The 1522 was/is the best sounding steam locomotive pounding up these grades an impressive sight to behold.

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    Here is a Cuba Sub grade profile from a 2015 BNSF timetable. (Grades have not changed since Frisco.)

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    Running 1522 over the Rolla Sub kept you very busy. I came east from Newburg with a 5 car train and the pilot came over at Eureka and said "you worked your butt off".However, I have to appreciate the train handling skills of the guys on the long freights which could be strung over a couple of sags.
    In contrast, running to and from Hannibal was a cinch. Get everything set just right, 60mph and whistle for crossings. Slow down through Louisiana and Clarksville. A sleeper.
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    Thanks for your guys' help with this. All of this is very helpful.
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    Trivia Question: What did Frisco Railroad personnel call the "Meramac Heights" depot -- "Meramac Heights" or just "Kirkwood"?
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    Mermen Highlands? Definitely not Kirkwood. Heading back to StL from Florida tomorrow - will be more able to help answer questions then, plus I have some news.

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    Meramec Highlands.

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