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    Like Tom, I have a copy of the film purchased from the former Frisco Museum. If anyone has a copyright on this, it likely is/was the Saint Louis San Francisco Railway, but the movie lead-in does not appear to show any copyright notice. What does that mean? Probably much-ado about nothing. Who did the RHM obtain the aledged copyright from?

    But, I agree with Mike's decision to remove the free download from the site. Perhaps, in return, the RHM in Springfield could offer our members a nice break on the price of a copy.

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    I am not on the site offen so not many posts and late getting to this one.

    We would be happy to send Mike a FREE copy to do as you like with it. Our museum is operated with donations and what small grants we can obtain we have no paid staff but we are commited to remaining a FREE museum decated to preserving the history of railroads and the people that made them great.

    We would also like to thank for the donation to the museum. It will be put to good use and is much needed.

    Bill Houser
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