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    Here is a movie produced by the Frisco to introduce the use of radios on its trains. The Frisco Museum in Springfield, published the movie on VHS, but it is no longer available for purchase.

    The standard Windows movie player should play it.

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    Have folks successfully downloaded the Frisco Train Radio video yet? I am curious how well the large file size transferred.

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    Mike -
    Many thanks for sharing - I've gotten a few minutes in and it looks to be swell!

    It took about 4-8 minutes to download and save (give or take a few; went to put up groceries) on our cable internet connection. It downloaded around 925KB p/second.
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    Howdy Chris,

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't sure if it was too big, but hey, I had to try. It is the only Frisco video I know of. If we had others, we could post them too, provided there isn't a copyright issue. There wasn't on this one, so glad to have posted it.

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    Mike, Chis, others...Are you aware of the video sold by the Frisco Museum titled: "Frisco On The River?" It was evidently produced for the museum by __ (can't recall video producer name right now??) and has about thirty solid minutes in color of 1960's Frisco passenger train run-bys on the River Division and outskirts of St. Louis and comments by the photographer, Art Stout of St. Louis. It also has a couple of clips at the Springfield depot near the end of passenger service. This video was part of a larger video (mostly color) called something like: "Video Monthly" or "Video Quarterly" or "Rail Video Magazine" or some such. It also has some nice footage of some Wabash passenger trains among the other stuff. It was packaged for the museum with a Frisco logo and a color phoro and the box doesn't have any mention of the rest of the footage (maybe another hour and a half of railroad and related stuff).
    Also, don't forget the Green Frog video "Passenger Trains Of The 60's." This set was once a three part VHS set. All three parts are now on DVD. There are probably forty or fifty passenger train run-bys of the Kansas City-Florida Special, Sunnyland and Southland in the Birmingham area from about 1962-1966. Also lots of Seaboard, SR, L&N, IC trains too. These two video sets are probably copyrighted and likely couldn't be downloaded to this chatboard. But I mention them here as consumer "tips."


    PS--I just recalled the name of the producer of the "Frisco On The River." It was part of a tape called "Railroad Video Quarterly" and the company was (EDIT: This should be "Revelation Video") I didn't locate "Frisco On The River" on their website, however they have a lot of titles and I may have missed it.
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    Thanks for the note. I was not aware of the Frisco on the River video, but if the Frisco Museum produced it, we can post it here. The Green Fog videos are copyrighted and we don't have permission to use them of course. Does anyone have the "on the river" VHS tape and can convert it to DVD? I have the equipment, but not the VHS tape.

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  7. TAG1014

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    I'm not so sure that "Frisco On The River" was the sole property of the museum--It was a re-packaging of another commercial video. Sorry I can't rcall that company's name and I've mis-placed my own copy at the moment.


    PS: "Frisco On The River" was in a series called "Railroad Video Quarterly" produced by "Revelation Video."
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    I've got another video that I purchased from the Frisco Museum, along with the video on Train radios. It's a Frisco produced video that goes through the procedure for making and using ties.

    The house is a bit disorganized at the moment, but I'll see if I can get to the shelf it is on sometime in the next couple of days and get you the name of it.

  9. FriscoCharlie

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    It would be nice to get these!

  10. friscobob

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    Somewhere in my collection I have a video by SG Productions called "Ship IT on the FRISCO!", featuring SW Oklahoma action on trackage now operated by Farmrail and Stillwater Central, plus the very last run of a freight on the QA&P and the scrap train.
  11. John Markl

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    That's "Revelation Audio Visual". A guy named Ron McElrath in Ohio.

    He's a super guy. I think he's an ordained minister.

    He let me run all his videos on our local public access channel here about 15 years ago. All I had to do was buy the video.

    I wound up with about 3 dozen of his videos, and even got a few things I shot published on "Railroad Video Quarterly".

    I'd bet if you contacted him, he'd let you post it.
  12. John Markl

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    I watched my copy tonight for grins while waiting for my teenager to get home from work. I'd swear that the narrator's voice was Ward Cleaver. ;)
  13. dricketts

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    Does anyone know the date this movie was made? I didn't see one.
  14. Rancho Bob

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    Maybe this has been posted in another thread, but years ago at an NRHS meeting we somehow got ahold of and showed "Frisco First Via Safety First". Pretty corny but full of neat stuff. Anybody else know about this one?

    Rancho Bob
  15. Rancho Bob

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    Wow.... this was nifty. Love the Warren and Anchor tank cars and, of course, the KC Fla Special shots. Question... two hacks? Was this standard on this division?

  16. meteor910

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    The narrator for the Frisco radio film was the late Rex Davis of KMOX radio here in St Louis.

    He lived in Kirkwood, Mo.

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    Two cabooses (Or three) in a freight train was common on the Frisco. I always supposed it was from an uneven number of trains (More going in one direction than another at times), then "balancing" when extras began to accumulate at one end of the line or the other.

  18. ashnme

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    It was brought to my attention that the Train Radio on The Frisco was posted on the site for download. The Railroad Historical Museum Inc. in Springfield has the orignal 16 mm film and it is copyrighted. We have copys to raise money to keep the museum operating. The conductor in the movie that ran from Thayer MO to Memphis was my grandfather. If anyone would like to donate to the museum and recieve a copy contact us at our web site. we also have the DVD of Frisco in the 60s that has a video of the last passenger trains into and out of Springfield on the end of over 200 color slides of the Frisco. This one is also copyrighted.

    Bill Houser
    President Railroad Historical Museum Inc.
    Springfield, MO
  19. friscomike

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    Bill, I am not sure owning a 16MM film copyrighted by someone else means you own the copyright. Nevertheless, I removed the download from FRISCo_Org since you use it for funding purposes. ~mike
  20. TAG1014

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    I have a VHS copy of the film that I purchased at the former Frisco Museum, was it copyrighted by the Museum?? Getting into some muddy waters here...


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