Frisco F7A's, Enid Negative Collection

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    SLSF 5022 (SLSF 22), EMD F7A, 1500 HP
    SLSF 5033 (SLSF 33), EMD F7A, 1500 HP
    SLSF 5034 (SLSF 34), EMD F7A, 1500 HP

    Attached are the three Frisco F7A pics that are in my "Enid" negative collection. Three old warriors that each served long and well.

    Note the details that are just sooooooo much fun to add to your models(!): the speed recorder cable on the front truck, the rotary beacon on the cab roof, the "nail" radio antenna on the cab roof, the brake and m/u hoses, the lifting-type spark arrestors, and the various grabirons and lifting rings. Also, even though the forward facing horn was switched to a 5-forward Leslie Tyfon, the other horn remained a single rear facing Leslie.

    Note also that the nose herald was mounted much lower on 5033 (33) than on the other two. Why was this done?


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    Even Plain Jane F-7A's looked good in Frisco O/W.
  3. Coonskin

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    Yup... they look good in O&W... but look AWESOME in B&Y!! :D

    Andre Ming
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    Thanks for posting these pictures. Now maybe I can repaint my F units (again) and make them look better.

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