Frisco Annual Report 1959

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    The Annual Report makes a passing nod about the decline in ridership numbers, but the demise of the Texas Special effective January 5, 1959 goes without mention.
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    I wonder if perhaps the Frisco made note of the end of the Texas Special relationship with the MKT in their 1958 annual report. That report would have been issued well after 1/5/59, and the notice of the end of service would have been filed, I suppose, sometime in 1958. Will have to check.

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    I find the denial, by the ICC, of the proposed wholesale acquisition of the Central of Georgia interesting. As a former director of the Southern Railway Historical Association, who possesses all the files of the presidents of that company, I remember reading correspondence suggesting that the SOUTHERN was doing some cigar smoke filled back-room tomfoolery at the time to acquire the C of Ga for itself. Of course the SOU was headquarted in DC...hmmm. Politics as usual.


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