Frisco 4-4-0 engines 185-187

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    Frisco 4-4-0 engines 185-188

    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here are a couple of photos of Frisco 4-4-0 American

    #185, 186, 187, & 188

    Enjoy, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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    Re: Frisco 4-4-0 engines 185-188; SLSF #187

    Here's a picture postcard of SLSF #187 that was sent by my great-granduncle, Ivan J. Robinson to his mother Martha Ann (Seabaugh) Robinson. He told her that he would be home soon after being out on the road. Unfortunately, he did not identify the location and the postmark is illegible, however I do know that he spent a considerable amount of time on the Blytheville, Leachville & Arkansas Southern as a fireman. Also attached is another picture postcard from Ivan that features BL&AS locomotive #7 with crew, and Ivan is in the picture.

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    Great pics guys. I wish there was some way of modifying the Hallmark Brass 4-4-0's back to their original state. They're awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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    Splendid photos, Keith. The "ballast" showing in the photo of the BL&AS locomotive is especially interesting, not to mention the ties.

    Best Regards,
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    That track work looks very similar to that used around the Brownwood area. Rough hewn ties and dirt ballast. I love it.

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