Fredericksburg Jct, S.A.F&N and S.A.&A.P.

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  1. Nice work! Is that a spittoon next to the desk? One other detail you may wish to add is a small lock box for all the money collected there. In the our local depot (Van Buren, ARK) there is a large Frisco safe. I have also seen smaller safes and lock boxes in restored depots all over the system. One other detail I thought about is on the outside maybe a small train order box. I know its a flag stop, but it is also the point of a junction so it may need one. I had made a replica train order box(I used demetions I found online) outta some scrap cedar boards. I gave it a nice seal and I put a A&M sticker on it(I couldn't find a good, non-original Frisco sticker around here), but it now holds my timetable collection and looks good in my bedroom.

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    Thanks for the compliments everyone. The typewriter arrived today, along with the two outside door lamps. The last interior details: heavy duty safe and the regulator clock are still absent and on the way. I'm kinda hesitant to put the last wall on without those parts since access to the inside is easier with the wall out. But that means I cannot begin work on the roof because the wall is not fixated. Decisions, decisions...Ugh.

    Anyway, the lamps are painted and installed, and so is the typewriter. Here are the pics:


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    Started construction on the trackside "FREDERICKSBURG JCT" sign. The sign is ten (10) feet tall, accounting for two (2) feet in the ground, for a true height of eight (8) feet tall. Two, 2x10's are bolted to two (2) 6x6 supports. The sign will read on both sides. The letters were cut compliments of Dave at VectorCut. Check his stuff out at The letters will be semi-gloss black, with the sign background and body being a weathered white. Pics in a few of the sign and letters.
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    I strongly agree. Allow your hard work to be viewed.

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    In order to properly seat and align the roof so that I can make it removable, I need the other wall installed. The roof is aligned by two tabs, one on each side. Once the roof is placed I can glue the two halves together without gluing it to the structure. This will allow it to be removable. AMB does their kits on a tab locking principle.

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    Too many projects, not enough time.

    I received the detail parts from Scale Structures Ltd. The Large Safe is TOO BIG for this little depot, so I'm going to get the smaller safe that SS offers. I did get the Regulator Clock as well. It's huge, but I'll put it in.

    I added the last wall, sanding the joints and painting. She looks real good. The foundational brick work is being done by Jimmy at Monster Model Works. It's laser cut and will set the building off right!

    I'm also looking at adding Fiber Optic to the room to illuminate. The roof will be affixed, but you can see the interior through the windows.

    I found a place that makes actually laser cut wooden shingles, not the cardstock, or paper peel and stick type. I'm ordering those and getting them for the roof. Dave at Vectorcut will be making me 9" letters for FREDERICKSBURG JCT.

    That's all for the depot at this time. I have to paint the interior roof white, and the overhang areas DRG Depot Cream to match. The ornate roof supports are already painted brown to match the windows and doors. I still can't get over how much the Tichy doors and windows improved this kit. That and doing the board and batten with 1x2's, instead of the peel and stick vastly improves the model.

    The roof is not the end of this little model. I have to do more to her, including the surroundings. Much more to come.

    Thanks. Good-night, or should I say Good Morning.



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    Long time, no build. Got the bug this morning to work on more since I'm getting closer to having all my necessary parts.

    Worked on the Gables and installed them on the track side of the depot. I also mounted the train order signal. I love it. I think it looks great!

    The safe's I ordered from Scale Structure Ltd. are too big for this depot, so I have forgone it, saying a cash box is in the locked drawers of the desk. I got the regulator clocks in, painted, and mounted them. They are huge. Scaled out at four feet long and eighteen inches wide. Kinda big but I used it anyway. Painted brown with gold trim, the clock face included with the kit was added. It's okay. I would have rather had tried to paint the clock face myself. Lesson learned. It's alright.

    I painted the interior roof white to help reflect light. I'm painting the outer bands the cream color of the building and should be able to install the first half of the roof late this evening or early in the AM.

    I'm going to work on getting the gables on the street side now.

    Here are some pics for your enjoyment...



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    Well done! I believe those colors were also used by the Cotton Belt for their section houses and what not.

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    I just realized that illuminating the building will not allow anyone to really see the interior from where it will be positioned on the layout. Now I'm a little bummed by it, but I'm not discouraged in the least. I had fun doing the interior. I know it is in there. Y'all know it is in there. It was great practice for the depots that I have to build (two of them) which will be up close so y'all can see inside the windows.

    I'm working on the roof right now. She'll be permanently enclosed. Pics up shortly.
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    Manny, for Pete's sake make that roof removable. Come on now.

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    I'm going to illuminate it, but the roof will be affixed. I need to order the LED stuff. I just wish I could find a place that sold the stuff that could be hooked to a DCC decoder.

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    I just emailed TCS asking for help with the LED's and the DCC. I'll let you know what their response is upon receipt.

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    The roof of Fredericksburg Jct is completed. The shingles are by Don and Matt of Microscale Models. These shingles are the best. Don uses a special double sides 3M adhesive not available to anyone else. It is thin, and only gets stronger as it cures. It is the same 3M material that is used in the construction of big airplanes. The shingles have two sides: burnt and clean. I love the burnt aspect. They went on easy and have a great random pattern.

    The fascia is affixed completing the trim. Overall, very nice. Once the LED's arrive, I will install them.

    More to come...


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    Do you have a part number or site where one might order these shingles? Would you mind posting to save me some search time?


    -Bob T.

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    Micro-Scale Models Ask for Don. Tell him that you spoke with Manny from Texas and saw the shingles posted on the forum.

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    Y'all remember this little depot? LOL...Time to clean up some projects.

    I have the station signs drying right now from a shot of sanding sealer. I put the brickwork on the bottom. Not thoroughly happy because it appears I incorrectly measured the long sides. So I'll have to hide the corners a little bit. No issues there. Tall grass, bags, wagon wheels, coal bins, etc., will do the trick. Station sign will be FREDERICKSBURG JCT, black letters, white background. Small 9" lettering.

    I am trying to figure how to weather this little station. Maybe some india ink wash. Nothing heavy.

    Here are pics.

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    That's a great looking little depot Manny. A lot of detail for such a small structure. I love it!

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