Form G.B.O. 60, baggage check

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  1. meteor910

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    Here's Frisco Lines form G.B.O. 60, a two-part baggage check tag with attachment string.

    I'm guessing this was from WW-2, dated March, 1943. I have recently obtained several of these, all unused, mint, like this one.

    Neat. Might get some good stares at the airport if I use them on our luggage when we travel!


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  2. Karl

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    I wonder how the railrods did vis a vis the airlines with regard to lost luggage.
  3. WindsorSpring

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    This is a good upload; it got the string and everything!
    They would be great as an airport luggage tag, but they are too valuable to risk.
  4. I hadn't ever seen the two part tags before. Here is a basic one part baggage tag for Company Material from my collection. I think mine is from the late 50s early 60s era. What would travel in a baggage car as Company Material????

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  5. yardmaster

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    Purely conjecture on my part, but would this have been used to send something from the General Stores to an outlying point via a passenger train? Or, did the Frisco run a dedicated "Company Material" train? For instance, if the agent in Portageville, MO needs a new broom, it would be sent to him with this tag on it?"

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  6. William Jackson

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    the 4-58 is the date the form was revised or started in use. This form was attached like to kegs of bolts or spikes. Also attached to Switch Points or Frogs. Used on Locomotive and Car parts from the store house. The Deisel House and Car Shops used these forms in their stores also.
    Bill Jackson
    I didnt add enough, mainly products moved by Company service gons or boxcars. This tag being April of 1958, was a little late for baggage cars but maybe some. i used to see them on material quite offen, in mid 70s. or similar tags.
    Frisco, used to date most all their forms, sometimes they also had a "rev" or revised date on forms.
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  7. yardmaster

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    Bill, thanks for the details. I think a company service train would be an interesting thing to model. I have one of the old VHS copies of the Espee's "This is My Railroad," c. 1950s. It has a neat segment on a company service train delivering everything from brooms to signal lenses to employees all along the line.

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  8. Ok, thanks for the answers. I actually have the video that Chris refered too. I do think that a company serivce train would be fun to model.

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