Custom painting an F unit

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  1. meteor910

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    Ethan -
    Nice job on your template master. I think you might need a slightly greater "point" up at the top of the nose cigar band. At least on the as-delivered EMD F3A and F7A units, it was very noticeable.
    I still can't find my decal pack! I know they are still here as I would not have let them go, and none of my Frisco car and locomotive diagram books have been found either. I'm sure the decals are with the diagrams. Monday I'm going to enlist some of our contractor folks to help me get into a stack of boxes now under cover (we are redoing about half of our condo's interior) and I'm sure we will find what I'm looking for.
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  2. Karl

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    As Ken as noted previously, there is a subtle peak under the headlight...See this from the Frisco Archive

    Secondly, if you are going to use the stitched photo to create a stencil, you will need to angle the side stripe upward slightly. The nose of the A-unit slightly less than vertical and therefore it's necessary to account for that difference. In your stitched drawing, you are also projecting a curved surface to a flat plane, which shortens the actual dimensions of the cigar band.
  3. Karl

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    Just a little follow-up with regard to creating a stencil (pattern) for the cigar band nose. I drew an example of a triangle, which is to be painted on a vertical cylinder. This is not too dissimilar than trying create a pattern for the cigar band on an F-A unit nose. When creating the pattern, using the front and side view will not provide correct measurements in the horizontal direction.

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  4. meteor910

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    Nice illustration Karl! Makes the point perfectly.
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  5. Iantha_Branch

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    Great example Karl. I knew there would be some issues with that. I figured what I had made could be a good starting point, but would take additional work to get it right.
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  6. Karl

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    Here's a less abstract example of how a template's, pattern's or decal's is shape is changed by the surface to which it is applied. I have attached the Santa Fe's nose herald decal for its Warbonnet livery. Even though when applied to the F-unit nose the stripes are straight and parallel to the ground, the decal's shape is not.


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