Creating a Frisco Early Era Billboard Boxcar the Hard Way

Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by SAFN SAAP, Jan 29, 2013.


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    Hello Y'all,

    Dueling Box Cars! In conjunction with Mr. James, we've decided to have some fun and do Frisco Billboard Box Cars his way and my way. I will be building a LaBelle 40' Frisco BillBoard Box Car 121014. I'll do it step by step, like Jim did his. Let's all have some fun and laugh a little.

    I'll start construction this afternoon.


    SAFN SAAP Member

    Construction will be delayed a day or two, as I have a picture of the 121014 coming. I need to confirm the height and doors on the car. Since this affects the end blocks and the proper spacing of the Queen Posts, Y'all are just gonna hafta wait a lil bit...LOL.


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    Still waiting on the photo. I learned that there are some particulars about the 121xxx series, so I want to make sure I model it correctly. I will be starting with a LaBelle Illinois Central 40 foot car. Stay tuned.

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    Hey Y'all,

    I received the photograph of Frisco 121014 today and now I can proceed on building her. I will start with the basic LaBelle box car. I'll start later today on construction. Pics and write up for a blow by blow.

    Thanks for patience.


    (This car's master has already been made and casting in resin is slated for mid-March, with an availability of late April, early May)

    View attachment Frisco 121014.jpg
  5. Jim James

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    That's the kind of boxcar I like! Looking forward to your build thread. "Start to finish" type build threads could just about use their own category. They're like mini clinics. I would like to see more folks do a photo thread of their projects.
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    A couple of observations of this car will require me to get some more parts to do it in wood. First the LaBelle style overhanging roof will not work. I need an inner roof from Northeastern. This is because this Frisco car has a rolled steel roof and the fascia board extends out from the roof, not under it. Second, I need to order up styrene to properly model the steel underframe. I apologize for the delay folks. I'll order the parts and get started as quickly as I can.

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    Time to start working on a Frisco Boxcar. I'm going to switch up a little and change to a Frisco 36' box car. One y'all have never seen before. Should be a treat to model. Stay tuned. I'll start building her tomorrow (later today) or on Friday.

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