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    I had posted a couple of photos in the "Weekly Photo Fun" thread on the Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine's forum, and Jim Six came back with edits to the color as well as photoshopping in some smoke on the locomotive for one of them. He worked to bring out the green and also gave the sky a deeper blue gradient.

    I thought that I would share them here with my Frisco friends.

    RJ 3 a.jpg RJ 2a.jpg
    I really need to up my photo editing game. These really look nice to my eye.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    Photos look fantastic to me, Bob. The sky looks great the way two colors blend together, just like the real sky. I purchased two different shades of blue yesterday afternoon to do the same as you. Seeing your background confirms the process.

    Thank you for posting!!!

    Bravo Bravo.

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    Those look incredible. Nice job Bob
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    A few quick updates (Click Images for Larger Versions):

    In the NMRA-x video, I mentioned that the mine branch was separated at the time for electrical work. I have had discussions with several, including Tim Moran regarding approaches for circuit breakers in sectional layouts. As the mine branch is on an end segment, there is little adjustment needed for the wiring in order to accommodate the testing of a circuit breaker. Making sure that the rail ends are not touching at the interface between modules, a circuit breaker can just be patched into the main bus before the distribution of power to the feeders. I went with the NCE EB-1 circuit breaker as a test case. These NCE EB-1 breakers (DCC) which have adjustments for trip current levels, the ability to add an indicator LED off-board, and levels for startup currents for sound loco power draw.


    I found those nifty stand-offs on Amazon (STARVAST Game Console Motherboard Plastic Mounting Feet Pack of 50, L Type PCB Fixed Standoffs PCB Circuit Board Insulated Spacer with 100pcs Screws). These are an excellent find for all of these boards that are screwed onto the bottom of the layout.

    I have it mounted and it seems to work just fine at the lowest trip current. Forgive the shadows in the photo, as I had to snap it with the cell phone and could not get good light on the underside of the section.


    I have ordered a few more of these, and will be working on adjusting the main bus wiring to include some secondary bus lines. This will result in about 4 different areas each with separate breakers. Hopefully, this will improve operations for two crews when one runs a turnout or otherwise shorts. Each area will be set up with their own circuit breakers, and the ability to patch into the main for partial layout configurations that are common for my half-garage setup of portions of the layout.

    There were two new arrivals on the layout this past month. First was a water tower (with pump house) model, built by @Jim James for his "Zalma Branch" layout. I am going to add shingles to the pump house, which he had to 90% completion. In this photo, it is just placed out by the wye, but will eventually go in just north of the Weir City depot.

    IMG_1043 (3).JPG

    The second arrival was a second Bachmann ten-wheeler. The other that I have is such a good runner, that I could not resist a second one when on sale at MB Klein for only $130 (with sound). The ATSF lettering and number will be removed and will take on a number from the Frisco roster. @Karl Brand, after some measurements, suggested 438-447 or 479-484 as road numbers.


    I have also ordered a new product through Kickstarter. The "Firebox" DCC command station is based upon the DCC++ project and includes the ability to connect to a JMRI computer or run an independent WiFi throttle. The system is a 5-Amp command station, scheduled for release in August (we'll see). For $60, I thought I would give it a shot. This might provide an under-layout mounted system that would be convenient for the portable Crawford and Cherokee.


    Read more at:

    OK, at the risk of duplicating posts from the Workshop Wednesday thread, I will leave it here.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    Cynthia and I are going to a pulmonary doctor in a few minutes and will read Bob's article when we get home. Thank you Keith for posting.

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    Howdy All,

    A solid 40-hour / 5 day teleconference is giving me the chance to listen to some science talks, and fiddle with some train stuff while on the call.

    After installing the new ballasted culvert/short bridge on the South Weir module (it is now ballasted, not shown):


    I was looking at the track arrangement and thinking about operations tight spots. Here is the area of interest on the layout:


    The area just at the depot includes a crossover that makes a run-around with the next turnout to the south. When operating, this is a bit short and the lead to the south parallel to the brickyard, added with that new module is disproportionately long compared to the run-around. I am planning to modify the track arrangement (with minimal track movement) to the following:


    This will provide a longer run-around, and an additional yard track that is somewhat prototypical. There are maps of Weir City that have three short yard tracks in that area south of the depot and house track.

    Edit: The yard track is also useful when operating the Weir-City half of the layout as a switching layout.

    Edit 2: I think my road and culvert are exchanged in order of actual construction. Just noticed this after more than a year.

    I think it is a good add...thoughts? Too much track?

    -Bob T.
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    The single presentation (edited?) version of the layout overview was posted on YouTube by the NMRA:


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