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    September 29, 1900


    T.R. Visits Weir City.
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    Someone remind me where this TR story came from. The presidential train stopped somewhere. TR got down on the ground on the back side of the train away from the crowd, walked up to the engine by himself, looked up at the crew and said “you boys mind if I ride with you awhile?” And apparently some witness at a grade crossing saw the train pass at speed with the toothy-smiled bespectacled Presidential engineer leaning out of the cab window. I wish I could remember where I read this. I laugh out loud every time I remember it.
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    From the UP website:

    • Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to use an entire train dedicated to campaign staff. He used the train to deliver 673 speeches while traveling more than 21,000 miles. True to his reputation for adventure, Roosevelt often traveled in the locomotive cab. Unlike many presidents who used cab rides as publicity stunts, Roosevelt learned how to actually operate a locomotive pulling a heavy freight load. He served as president from 1901-1909.
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    I spent some time making a decision on the next section to build for the layout. Planning to start this addition over the weekend, as I was able to scrounge some Micro Engineering flex track at Papa Ben's in Houston last weekend. This will be an addition of a scenic section between Cherokee and the Lightning Creek Mine. It will also give me some room to add a mining camp in that area. The separation will also allow for operations that don't interfere with the town of Cherokee.


    I do have a staging section that can be attached south of Cherokee. No wye or turntable in this phase, but in the works....

    -Bob T.
  5. Iantha_Branch

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    Looks like a good set up. Could you hide a turn table in the corner behind the lead to the Lightning Creek Mine?
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  6. rjthomas909

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    That is one option thatI am considering. I will set up this configuration and see if I have space for a wye as another option. In the near future I plan to get one of the Peco PT61 engine turners.
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    That's a great find Bob. I don't know which surprises me more: the fact that Weir was second in revenue, or that Rich Hill was first. This type of insight makes me wonder how Weir didn't ended up being a bigger town than it did.
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    Frisco Friends,

    I finally had some time for layout construction and today finished up the benchwork build for the added section from my 28 January 2022 post above. It is hard to believe that I have been working on this since February, but I guess things get in front of the trains in terms of priorities. Anyhow, the pieces included a section to bridge the south end of the Cherokee yard to the Lightning Creek Mine, making a "G" shape to the layout and giving some space between the town and the mine scene. This will also give some area for a mining camp near the mines and a reason for at least one of the spurs there.

    Here, I am trying a different way of keying the two corner sections together such that the sections are still mostly linear. The corners at the top (northeast and northwest) are "L" sections and require more storage space. They are also kind of difficult to set up (mostly due to my poor design there). Oh well.

    Here is the large new section (let's call it the "South Bend" section) under construction, using the same "waffle" torsion box method used on the rest of the layout:



    I gave this section a 2" foam top (two 1-inch layers) such that the scene could fall away from the tracks, and be a good trackside view for photos. I am considering what to design in terms of final scenery....maybe a farm scene or a "Lightning Creek" trestle -- hey, we are near "Lightning Creek Mine" -- inputs are welcomed.

    There are also two box sections added to fill out the corners. They are semi-permanently attached to the South Bend section and the tail of the Cherokee yard. One gives the Cherokee yard about 18 inches more tail track length. This approach also allows the setup to include or not include the South Bend section, depending on the case at hand (maybe set up portions for a display, or an option for continuous running).

    The combined set now looks like this, awaiting painting and scenery:



    (setup with the Lightning Creek Mine and portion of the Cherokee Yard). This configuration is also a pretty nice switching layout.

    Yes, Redbirds on the TV with Wain-O struggling today against the Reds.

    You may have noticed that there is an extension to the mine area:


    Since I built it, I have thought the mine area too short. This addition will provide ~6 more hoppers/wood gondolas to be spotted at the mine, and more than double the number of cars that can be spotted there. It will balance out the length of the run-around and make for a longer train option with the new section providing space between the mine and Cherokee. I will also bring the main line to a perpendicular to the end of the section, in the event there is one day an option for a continuous run, once another corner is added for the brick yard to be separated further from Weir City.

    Over the next few weeks, I will get the track patched in (a lot of work for about 6 feet of additional track) and decide on scenery. This is a good sized additional area and a chance for more structure builds for the mining camp.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    Weir City Tribune -- 24 APR 1896

    Weir_City_Tribune-24APR1896-1.jpg Weir_City_Tribune-24APR1896-2.jpg
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    This post was corrupted somehow above. 1880's summary of traffic at Weir City, KS. 2nd only to Rich Hill on the KCFS&M(G).

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  11. Iantha_Branch

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    Like the progress Bob.

    As for what to do for scenery on that new section, I would aim for both items. I would have Lighting Creek cut through on the side closer to the Afton Sub main, and have a farm occupy the rest. Depending on which way you point the camera, you could capture either scene.
  12. rjthomas909

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    A bit more progress on the new section....scenery is coming along.



    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
  13. patrick flory

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    I’m inspired. The next town on my layout might be called “Weird City.”

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    Fine modeling!
    So proud to be part of the Frisco .Org group.
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