Clinton Line Boxcar photos (Pre 1920) wanted!

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    Hey Y'all,

    Please kindly post up any shots you may have of Clinton Line Boxcar photos, pre-1920, for a special project.

    Thank you!

  2. I'd love to know what this project is. I haven't managed to locate a photo, but there is a paint diagram in the MSU archives. Have you seen that?

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    No I have not seen it. Do you have a link to the paint diagram?

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    As for the project, I cannot say at this time. However, in time it will be revealed to the pleasure of the Frisco community.
  5. Also: available documentation suggests that their boxcars were 34 feet long, built by the Charles Car Co. circa 1885 and given even numbers between 5002 and 5200. Probably a standard product of that company. The 34' resin kit of a St. Charles Car Co. boxcar produced in HO scale by the Silver Crash Car Works might be a good candidate for a model, if that's what you have in mind.

    This is all based on historical detective work and speculation which I'll cheerfully discard in an instant if anyone comes up with a photograph that contradicts it.

    There were originally 100 of them but they were decaying by the early 20th century. Poor's Manual of railroads reported only 6 of them in service in 1911. The ICC valuation report documents a handful of various-sized tool/work/outfit cars still owned by the railroad when the valuation was done ca. 1917, but none were in revenue service and all were reported to be secondhand, suggesting that they weren't from the road's original order of equipment.

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    Went to the Missouri site. I got the KCCS and others. If anyone has KCCS and KCFS&M's, please post them up.

    Thank you!


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    No one has any photographs of the K C - C S or the KCFS&M other than the one boxcar for the KCFS&M or the MSU page? Any technical data? Please help as this information will be valuable in what I will be announcing in early fall.
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    Manny, I think that the honest truth is that these photos and/or technical data are going to be very hard to come by. If anyone had them, it would probably be the "regulars" that participate here, who are always superb in sharing unique items with the whole group, whether reactively or proactively.

    At any rate, I just think your request is gonna take time, or further research on your end. I, for one, can't wait to see the results when it does happen.

    Best Regards,

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    I am right there with you. Trying to find some of this information is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. That being said, I am completely determined and am searching. I would be amiss if I didn't say that I was highly counting on the few KCFS&M, KC-CS fans/experts that are here on to step forward and help. Believe me, y'all will be very, very happy with what I am going to do.
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    Manny, I saw a photo taken at Brownwood, MO that had a KC,FS&M truss rod box car in the background. Maybe a 36 footer. It was in a book about Brownwood in the library at Marble Hill, MO. Let me search my file of photocopies for an image. I may have to return to the library. Would this help? I remember the photo showing a good side view with a clear shot of the lettering. I don't remember if the photo was dated or not.
  11. Art Griffin, whose line of decals I think you may be familiar with, has some KCFS&M decal sets for which I also believe he has prototype photos.

    The Barriger Collection at the U. of Missouri St. Louis has files and photographs from the American Car & Foundry Co., which sold some freight cars to the KCFS&M. They may be able to make you some copies of ACF builder's photos, but they charge handsomely for the privilege. (Or at least they wanted to the last time I asked.)

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    Yes, I am aware that Art has some decals for the KCFS&M. In fact, I'm holding a few in my hand. I appreciate everyone who is helping me secure photos. You won't be disappointed. I'll check those sites you just mentioned.
  13. Slight correction to above posting: it appears that four boxcars from the KCC&S's 5002-5100 (even number) series survived until the time of the ICC valuation. At that time they appeared as four 34-foot, 40000-lb wooden boxcars numbered between 5010 and 5106, built in 1884. They're designated as outfit cars and listed under work equipment, along with a single oddball 28-footer numbered 5204. Presumably they were no longer considered fit for interchange and thus not listed in ORERs.

    Interestingly, they are described as secondhand, even though this number series on the KCC&S dates back to the 1880s. I've found some trade-magazine documentation of the road's 1885 purchase of new coal cars, but none for its original outfit of boxcars. The road is reported to have ordered 300 new coal cars, but only 175 ever appeared on its ORER entry.

    One wonders if perhaps there was an inter-family swap of nearly-new freight cars with the Fort Scott or the Current River in the 1880s, with one road buying one type of car "in bulk" and then trading with its affiliates to balance needed car types between the roads. This is, of course, pure speculation, but it would provide a logical explanation for the "missing" coal cars and the "secondhand" boxcars.
  14. Manny and Chris,

    I will certainly be glad to see any KCC&S boxcar photographs surface, but I can tell you they're scarce. I've been looking for years and haven't found one. I'll rejoice if one or more do show up.

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    I have a PM into Karl, however, I am pleased to report that I have secured photos of both KCFS&M, KC,C&S Boxcars, and several KCFS&M drop bottom gondolas. Although I have these, please, please post up any pictures you may have. In addition to the boxcars, I am seeking out flat cars.

    Thank you,


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