Bowser Wood Chip Hopper

Discussion in 'New Products' started by rjthomas909, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. rjthomas909

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  2. Coonskin

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    Bowser shows a build date of 4-49 for the car, but I suspect that's the build date of the original material hopper and does not reflect the modified extensions that were added for chip service.

    Anyone know when the extensions were added?

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  3. meteor910

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    I'm a little disappointed in how the Bowser chip car looks. I would have expected to see more detail, bracing, etc on the top side extensions. But, my main concern is that I am unaware that the Frisco ever had any three-bay offset side hopper cars.
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  4. Funny this came up, these are in the background of the U25 pics I posted a week or so ago.
    My dad order a 4 car set the first release a while back, they arrived with one Grand Trunk car in the set. Ugghhhh. They are nice enough cars but not very detailed. They also list heavily. They have a fake chip load in the top and it makes them very top heavy. They want to fall over so they need ballasted in the bottom of the cars.
    I always like seeing companies offer Frisco stuff, but it always seems to have something screwy to it, then if it doesnt sell I worry they think it is the road not their mistakes.
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  5. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    We had a chip loading facility, in Newcastle, Wy where I was Roadmaster. I really didn't look at the bracing, but doubt there is much, there is no weight in the top especially after the first 100 miles, it packs down in the car. Not much of that topper would have chips over the original car. They did put "nets" over the top to keep the chips from blowing out.
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  6. Coonskin

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    I find in my stack of Frisco company car diagrams a sheet for the 5900-5934 class of wood chip hoppers. The particulars:

    * Built date may be Jan 1950, but the ink's smudged on the original. (That figures.) However, it DOES appear to be a "5" and not a "6" in comparison to the numeral "6" found elsewhere. Of note is that the notations and data appear to be hand printed. There are various notes/additions on the sheet, the earliest being "C.H. CMEW. 2-8-60".

    * 3 bay

    * No exterior bracing on drawing

    * Length over strikers: 39' 5 3/4"

    * Overall height 15' 3/8" (A guess on the 3/8". Smudged.)

    * Cubic feet: 4354

    * Capy: 154,000

    * Average Lt Wt: 54,950

    SO... the Frisco DID have 3-bay chip hoppers... but whether it looked close to the above pictured model... ???

    All fer now.

  7. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Must have built them as chip hoppers. Never saw a diagram for a pure Frisco 3-bay offset side hopper.

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  8. pensive

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  9. meteor910

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    None of these SLSF hoppers are 3-bay offset side hoppers like the Bowser model depicts. The Bowser is a typical 3-bay offset side hopper modified for chip service by adding the top sections of additional sides. The Frisco rostered scads of 2-bay offset side hoppers, but I'm not aware of any 3-bay offset side hoppers that were in hopper service and then modified for chip service. The offset sides are the key.


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