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  1. Karl

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    In Ozark-speak the name is pronounced Bo-Dark. The Frisco had a 52'-3" x 16'-2" depot, coal house, privy, section car shrd, and a 42'-6" x 88'-0 stock pen. The local industries included a cannery and an elevator.

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  2. Rick McClellan

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    Were the industries off line or were they gone by the time of this track diagram? My space between Lamar and Nichols Jct is not enough for Lockwood. Bois D'Arc might fill the bill. Thanks.
  3. Karl

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    Both "industries" and stock pens were gone when this diagram was made. There was a second sidetrack (21 car cap'y), which was also retired before the drawing was made.

    I remember that when we rode the train from Springfield to Lockwood, it seemed that we always went into the hole for a sbd frt at Bois D'Arc.
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  4. wmrx

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    Rick, did you see Karl's post on Ash Grove? It might fit the bill for you. There were several buildings in the MFA complex that were rail served. The tracks are gone now, but most, if not all, of the buildings still stand.

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