Birmingham Alabama and Environs

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    Ken, please post the photos of your cabooses, we would like to see them!!!

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    Ken -
    Your Hallmark Frisco cab looks great! I have three of the Overlands, which also look good, but I don't think they are as dimensionally correct as are the Hallmarks. I've never measured them - need to do that sometime.
    I do have the Hallmark side-door cab, but it is still unpainted.
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    Judging by the location of that whistle, I was wondering that had to be loud for the person pulling that lever!

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    To complete the tour of the North Birmingham section of the layout, which is territory serviced by the Seaboard Air Line Railway, here are a few shots of the SAL engine house and industrial switching area.


    Ken McElreath

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    And the rest of them.

    Ken McElreath

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    Ken -
    Fascinating stuff, as usual. Unless one's modeling a very small slide of Friscoland, I always enjoy seeing interchange power - the SBD switcher and caboose go a long way towards establishing a sense of place. In this case, "we're definitely in the SE of Friscoland, not SW or elsewhere."

    Best Regards,
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