Austin / New York Times, April 27, 1903 Frisco buys the SA&AP

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    Hey Y'all,

    Check out this gem I found in the archives! The St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad purchases the SA&AP to connect Brady with Kerrville, TX, into San Antonio.

    April 28 1903.jpg
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    Nice find. Funny how the word, "today" used to be hyphenated like to-day. It's also interesting to read the short article below it. Using taxpayer's money to help pay for teacher's retirement. We just did our taxes so I'm a little bitter right now. Please excuse me.
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    Manny, take a look at this new herald that fits the news story.
    The zip file contains a Corel Photopaint version of the herald.

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    Thanks Keith! That's fantastic. Now I am more in line with historical events. That's perfect! Thank you so much!


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