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    After looking through the qsi manual for the decoder I have decided its not the best brand option. No where does it make mention of being able to set up lighting functions. And I cant even figure out how to set up the correct horn for it. Im thinking Ill just throw a function only decoder in it for the lights. If i can figure out the sound programing ill consider that a huge bonus. Right now with all my school and football i cant absorb much more information.

    If some one else can figure out the qsi decoders please let me know.

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    Did you try QSI

    Good luck, it looked extensive, hopefully you will find what you're looking for!


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    A long wait for disappointment:

    My two sound units, 846 and 853, arrived yesterday from Wholesale Trains. This morning, when I inspected them, I discovered flaws in the paint.

    Specifically, both units have what appear to be bad touch-up work done on the short hoods. On one unit, there's a large mismatched paint spot in front of the conductor's front window. On the other unit, the bad paint is along the edge where the front of the nose meets the top, just above the Gyralite.

    In both cases, the flaw is really obvious. It's not the same color of white, and it is glossy. My first guesses are that either 1) it was a terrible touch-up job done by the manufacturer, or 2) a customer received the units, tried the touch-up, and then returned the models. I'm sure there are other possibilities, too ... and I don't expect to ever learn the actual cause.

    Regardless, I have contacted WST and requested an exchange for the same models. I have had good customer service from them before, so I am optimistic.

    But I am also quite disappointed, especially after such a long wait for these models. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with these models, or with WST or Atlas products?
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    Both of mine had some paint damage to the main hood; both had the orange paint chipped slightly where the rear of the cab roof contacts the hood and one had the orange paint chipped on the hood at right side leading edge of the radiator blister. All three spots were the result of snapping the components in place after painting of the body, during assembly.
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    I was not impressed with the two that I received. The colors are not what Atlas used on earlier Frisco models. Hand rails were bent on both units. The analog model runs like a POS even after decoder installation. The sound is ok. Remember it's factory sound so I wasn't expecting much. I have yet to change any CV's or make any other adjustments. I did a quick weathering job and I can live with the end product...for now. As long as I don't think about the $300 I dropped for them.

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    I have listened to the QSI Titan sound at Rick McClellan's house. The Titan, as installed in this locomotive, has only one speaker, thus no stereo sound. The FDL-16 sound that the QSI Titan produces is pretty decent and comparing what I heard to the samples that QSI has on their website, what I heard is more like what they list as the GE FDL-12.
    For reference, I have attached samples of QSI's renditions of the GE FDL-16 (what the U30b was equipped with), QSi's GE FDL-12 and the Soundtraxx recording of the GE FDL-16.

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    I'm sorry to hear a few of you received Atlas U30b's that have body finish defects. No excuse for that, especially from Atlas. In addition to working with your "pusher" for a remedy, I'd give Atlas a call. In the past they have been very good about standing behind their products.

    They did have a real issue with the Chinese in getting these, and several other models, built, finished and shipped. I believe they had to move to new, different suppliers, which might explain some of the problems you have seen vs their earlier Frisco models.

    I have a couple of petty issues about how Atlas had the Frisco U30b's finished regarding some highlights and details I think should have been included, but fortunately my 846 and 853 are both defect free regarding the body finish, look pretty good, and they both run fine. I feel lucky based on your experience.

    I really don't have a problem with their color - close enuf! Remember, when one would see a bunch of Frisco U-boats and EMD's in a consist, virtually none of them had the same shade of orange showing. Subtle differences in GE's paint, EMD's paint, Frisco's shop paint, weathering, fading, road dirt and smudging from exhaust made them show different shades of red/orange.

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    My 846 didn't have any paint defects. The paint color is close enough to being right, and the xr looks good. Not impressed by the blue LED in the nose, especially with a gold in the cab. The QSI sounds ok, not as good as tsunami, but it basically cant be programmed. I'm thinking it's going to go up on ebay or the trash can with a tsunami to replace it.

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    That's exactly what I have been thinking about. I certainly will never order a non-tsunami equipped engine again. I will order the non dcc equipped engine with plans to insert the tsunami decoder in it.

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    First timers on the Avard Sub

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    SWEET, Howard ...
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    Just a few minutes ago, I just finished the Tsunami installation in #846. I liked the way that Tom Holley weathered the radiator grills, but since my paint is packed away and my paint booth isn't put together, I decided to try another method. I got the idea that a soft lead pencil with a sharp tip would be able to get down into the grid. After "marking" each internal square of the grid, I used an old tooth brush to even out the darkness, in the process the bristles spread a little dirt on the surrounding area. Continuing the theme, I further darkened the bristles of the brush with the pencil lead, and continued dry-brushing areas of the hood top and sides as well as the walkways.

    I have yet to add the Leslie 5 chime forward horn detail on the roof.

    The Prime Stratolight is lit with a 1.2mm 1.5v bulb, as is the Pyle Gyralight in the nose, and the twin front headlight is lit with two 1.2mm 1.5v bulbs. The front number boards are lit with an LED fed with the common supply and grounded to track power, which makes it dimmer.

    IMGP0055.JPG IMGP0052.JPG IMGP0054.JPG
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    Nice weathering results, Keith. You've been holding back on us.
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    Great Idea Keith,
    I have tried this before. You can get those pencils in different graphite shades too, and in several different levels of hardness as well. Like you I have used them on screens as you can keep very good control of the application, without having to mask and paint. Good for dark shading. As a side note I had issues with these on Glossy paint as it seems to not deposit where desired, for me anyway.
    I like it Keith! As Jim says, your "holding out" on us here :)
  16. meteor910

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    Keith - What hardness (softness) pencil did you use. Interesting technique.

  17. klrwhizkid

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    I believe it was a #2 pencil (no markings), but it was pretty soft. It got the first-hand approval of all in attendance at Rick McClellan's operating session last night.
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    Thats great Keith,
    Cant wait to see some pictures of the op session. Rick always as a special way of showing us all you guys in attendance. I always enjoy hearing from him.

  19. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    To All:

    After reading about some issues others have had I decided I should at least open my two locomotives and give them a visual look over. Since I have EasyDCC I am unable to run the locos since I opted for the analog version. Loco #853 passed the visual test but the rear truck on loco #846 was completely loose and hanging only by the connecting wires. Go figure!

    klrwhizkid note: I inspected it and the 846 had a plastic pivot post on the top of the truck that was sheared off; it probably was dropped before packaging.
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    Bob - As I posted earlier, I'd call our friends at Atlas about this stuff. No excuse for this kind of quality from the Atlas that previously delivered super stuff. They have new suppliers in China, so they should receive some understanding for that, but I think they deserve to hear about the problems.

    The Chinese economy is not what it was just a few years ago. Like many societies, they are struggling with how to handle success. We see this in the chemical industry as well.


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