A new book about Shay Locomotives

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    Thanks for the heads up. The Shay is among my very favorite locomotive types.
  3. AKO
    I wish that there would be a book about each Davenport locomotive manufactured.
    Same for Heisler and Climax s. records.

    There were several types of geared steam locomotives in North America -- the Shay, the Climax, the Heisler, and the Willamette.
    Lima built around 2,770 Shays between 1880 and 1944. The Climax Manufacturing Company built around 1,100 geared locomotives between 1888 and 1928.
    Heisler Locomotives Works built more than 600 geared locomotives between 1891 and 1941.
    The Willamette Iron and Steel Works built 33 geared locomotives between 1922 and 1929.

    There is a picture of the 2005 Davenport Mogul sitting at Dillard depot [S&E RR] which no one seems to remember where the photo was seen.
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    I’d love to see that photo of the mogul if it can be found.

    Wonder if conventional locomotives were ever used past Dillard? I remember reading an old story in the Steelville Star that the S&E didn’t permit passengers past Dillard, because the tracks were too rough.

    Pat Moreland
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  5. Probably, The furnace company did not prefer that passengers were in the way of their cordwood train operations.
    Those did not have any standard schedule.
    I read that several times where they discourage such during times between 1912 - 1922.
    Same for some local freight trains. But, the S&E charter from Missouri
    was to allow passengers and freight. A few citizens took the S&E to court and I think some of their case were won.
    One guy from around Viburnum was shipping his livestock. How else could they get
    out from Viburnum , Bixby, East End and Buick. Southeast of Dillard I think
    passengers mainly rode in the long caboose s (their were 3).

    In those 34 boxes of Sligo records at the smo-historic Society library in Rolla, it would be neat
    to read all the details. I would guess it could take the reader about year of weekly visits.
    Not sure how well the boxes are labeled for contents. But I hope they are.
    Sligo Furnace Company was always in Courts.
    Between 1929 and 1933, the Sligo companies were still settling law suits.
    Books were closed in 1934.

    [The Sligo Company in St. Louis was not a part of Sligo Furnace or the S&E.
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