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    Now that I have pretty well finished our HO Birmingham Terminal Division layout, my friend Dick and I are building a G scale layout in the remainder of our basement. And no, it is not Frisco. So that is my dilemma. You guys have been very encouraging, gracious and kind, even to not puking when I posted non-Frisco stuff. To be honest, this group comprise the only real "railroad buddies" that I have apart from Dick. Further, there is no other web format anywhere that permits the free flowing conversations and postings that this one does. So if no one objects, I would like to post the progress and projects of my G scale railroad. Hopefully the thing will give ideas to other G scale modelers in Frisco.

    I have decided to call the railroad the "Arkansas and Memphis Railway Bridge and Terminal Company." This is in real life the company that owns and operates the Harrahan bridge over the Mississippi River at Memphis, plus four miles of mainline (seven, including MP trackage rights to Briark AR, and the river barge grain terminal there.) You can find it in the Official Guide. It serves the MoPac, Rock Island, and Cotton Belt railroads, and those are the ones that I will be modeling, with generous portions of modeler's license. I am including the Memphis Union Station and the Rock Island's Fourth Street Yard in the scope. And as the HO layout was set in the 1950 time frame, this one will be set in the 1970 time frame, with a few first-generation pieces still in operation, mostly in mixed consists.

    If you want to see the prototype context for this layout, visit Mike Condren's outstanding Memphis Railroading site. That was the inspiration for this layout, as well as the memories of the most intensive prototype railfanning experiences of mine. Thank you, Mike.

    For starters, here are a couple of shots of my T&P NW2 and recently completed MP F3B alongside the engine house that Dick built. It models the prototype Memphis Union Station engine house. Instead of the MUS SW1 that the prototype used, I will employ my T&P NW2 for the station switching.



    What prompted this posting was the discussion of weathering on the G scale NW2, so consider it in that light. I really like the weathering effects that I was able to achieve on the F3B.


    Ken McElreath
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  2. Coonskin

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    Excellent looking! I have many good memories that are Jenks Blue!
  3. Great looking Ken. Any shots of the engine house? Also how big will the layout be?
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    Agree Ken, the F3B weathering is exceptional!

  5. kenmc

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    P9240256.JPG The engine house is three feet long, a profile building hiding a jog in the wall of the room. You can see the prototype on Mike Condren's Memphis Railroading site under Union Station facilities. Here are a couple of shots showing my MP E8A number 42 sitting outside the door.

    Ken McElreath P9240255.JPG
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    Diggin' these big trains in Big Dipper Blue!!


    By the way: What mfg'er makes the NW and the F3. Is there an F3 A unit available, too?
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    I'm a Missouri Pacific fan too, Ken. It runs a close second to Frisco in my choice of road names. I've been working on my N scale roster by selling some of the road names that are not near the Frisco domain and buying road names that are connected to Frisco via interchange. As always I'm impressed by your modeling skills!!! The weathering on the Missouri Pacific locomotives is great.

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    All of my MP locomotives are by USA Trains. I have the E8, F3B, NW2, plus an SD40, GP38, GP7 and PA1. Wonderfully, Microscale has G decals that I could use, or I would have been skunked. The hardest but most satisfying part of customizing and finishing them was mixing the exact Jenks blue paint, using Floquils.

    Growing up in Cape Girardeau and watching the MP working every day, then riding their passenger trains and rail fanning in the early 1970's, I confess that I really got hooked. I think the Screaming Eagles on the SD40s did the trick.

    Ken McElreath
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    They all look great, Ken!
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    Ken -
    Thanks very much for sharing. The link to the Frisco/Memphis is close enough. Besides, as a "charter" FMIGer - or darn close to it - I think you should get a certain amount of leeway.

    I've always enjoyed the level of detail that is possible in the larger scales. This cinches it. Funny, but I never saw much MoP in Cape; I always hoped to see one street running on Independence Street, but no luck. Saw most of my Screamin' Eagle logos either in Sikeston or between Delta and Scott City.

    Keep 'em coming.

    Best Regards,
  11. Jim James

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    Growing up in Cape Girardeau I remember the MoPac crossing Kingshighway and on across Minnesota St. and then lumbering down along Independence St.
    A silly side note is that I remember seeing the morning train cross Minnesota St. from my babysitter’s window around the same time that Kaptain Kangaroo was on.
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    For those interested "inquiring minds," I will post some photos of the preliminary mock up stage of the A&MRB&T G scale layout. Marsha says it looks "toy-like," but that's just because of the mock up preliminary stage and the foundations of my structures, some of which are Sesame Street (but close to the right size.) These will be customized to make my up-town Memphis scene.

    The first three photos show the Memphis Union Station area and trackage to the "big bridge" (try to not think too hard about the actual Mississippi River bridge here.)

    Ken McElreath

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  13. kenmc

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    The next series of photos show my rendition of the Rock Island's Fourth Street Yard in mid-town Memphis, which in reality was a stub-ended yard as this one is. The little station will be a suburban stop for the Mopac trains and the Rock Island RDC-3.

    Ken McElreath

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  14. Great stuff Ken. Neat to see a large scale layout indoors.
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    Here are two "over the road" shots, one showing the trestle spanning Water Moccasin Bayou and another showing the future grain terminal at Briark on the Mississippi River levee. The RS3 used to be owned by the Interstate Railroad, absorbed by the Southern in the 1970s. Then the Southern sold it to the Consolidated Grain and Barge Co, who uses it now for switching the grain terminal operation (fictitious but credible?)

    Ken McElreath

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  16. klrwhizkid

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    Ken, I don't know how much space is in those G scale locos, but I have come across a speaker that will make those babies rumble for real with a sound decoder.
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  17. kenmc

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    Thanks for the offer. I do have sound systems in a few of them, that I had custom installed. My problem is that the skills to disassemble them and perform the installations of the sound systems is way beyond me. I can't even replace the batteries when they die.

    Ken McElreath
  18. kenmc

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    To round out my current A&MRB&T Co. layout preliminary benchwork stage photos, here are two shots of my geezer gate, applicable to any scale where the layout needs entry to the inner area. I am very pleased with it, having studied many such doors and gates and lift-outs over the years. It hinges upward; the first photo shows it open and the second photo shows it in the closed position.

    Ken McElreath

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    Ken, that's a new model railroading term, and I like it. I will have to remember that one.

    I do agree that an unfinished and/or mocked-up area has a toy-like quality, regardless of scale. It looks like things are progressing nicely.

    Best Regards,
  20. DanHyde

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    All looks great, Ken. Frisco in G scale is rough to find, but I keep working on it! Now that I'm retired, I hope to get back to modelling again.
    It's a shame that Aristocraft left the hobby, they made pretty good Frisco equipment.
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